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Dracula Dinner

We made this Dracula Dinner a couple of weeks ago and my boys LOVED this! We made a Dracula Burger, a Moon of Corn, and Baked Bat Potato Wedges. Super easy to make and so much fun for the kids!

Dracula Dinner
1 Burger (we used Morning Star veggie burgers)
1 Slice of Provolone Cheese
Canned Corn
5 Raisins
Potato Wedges
2 Marshmallows

Make your burger of choice and place it on a hamburger bun on a plate. Shape the provolone cheese using kitchen scissors (or a knife) into Dracula’s face so the burger looks like his hair. Make a nose from the scraps. Cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes. Cut another mini marshmallow at a angle to make his fangs. Squeeze on ketchup for the mouth. Cut a raisin in half to make his pupils. Bake the potato wedges according to package directions. Place a hand full of them on the plate in shapes of bats. Cook the canned corn and place the corn on the plate in the shape of a moon. Make a couple of bats with 4 raisins.

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8 comments on “Dracula”

  1. tahlia @ the parenting files

    This is great. Thinking along the same line today as I too posted a 'making food fun' post. I don't like spamming in comments but just felt I needed to say how more inspired I m to go back for more now x

  2. Tina from A Few Pretty Things

    Such good idea for dinner!
    I came here from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop