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Dracula Dinner

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Dracula Dinner

We made this Dracula Dinner a couple of weeks ago and my boys LOVED this! We made a Dracula Burger, a Moon of Corn, and Baked Bat Potato Wedges. Super easy to make and so much fun for the kids!

Dracula Dinner

1 Burger (we used Morning Star veggie burgers)
1 Slice of Provolone Cheese
Canned Corn
5 Raisins
Potato Wedges
2 Marshmallows

Make your burger of choice and place it on a hamburger bun on a plate. Shape the provolone cheese using kitchen scissors (or a knife) into Dracula’s face so the burger looks like his hair. Make a nose from the scraps. Cut a mini marshmallow in half for the eyes. Cut another mini marshmallow at a angle to make his fangs. Squeeze on ketchup for the mouth. Cut a raisin in half to make his pupils. Bake the potato wedges according to package directions. Place a hand full of them on the plate in shapes of bats. Cook the canned corn and place the corn on the plate in the shape of a moon. Make a couple of bats with 4 raisins.

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How creative and fun! I love your blog for all your inspirations!

Very cute! What a fun way to get young ones to eat healthy.

Very cute 🙂

Hello Jill! Found your blog at the Welcome Wednesday Blog Hop, what a lovely blog you have, liked it a lot so I'm following! ^^ Hope you can drop by mine too and pay me a visit : )
This has got to be the coolest meal I've ever seen!!! LOL xx

Hello Jill. Browsing the welcome Wednesday blog hop and came across your blog. My niece would love this dinner, and it might actually get her to eat something besides chicken nuggets and mac & cheese. Thanks for sharing. Don't forget to stop by and follow me at totally_rachel

Such good idea for dinner!
I came here from the Welcome Wednesday blog hop

This is great. Thinking along the same line today as I too posted a 'making food fun' post. I don't like spamming in comments but just felt I needed to say how more inspired I m to go back for more now x

That looks great! I need some Halloween themed ideas that aren't full of sugar.

This dracula dinner is super cute and would not only be fun for kids to eat, but to make with them!

Our Linky Party this week is Halloween themed and we'd love it if you'd stop by and share it: Show and Tell: Boo! A Ghostly Linky Party…

Hope you stop by…


You seriously amaze me with what you come up with!!!! How cute is this!!!


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