Easy Lion Cupcakes

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We came up with this super Easy Lion Cupcakes idea and these take just minutes to decorate! These would be so cute to make for a animal, circus, or jungle themed party.

Lion cupcakes

Easy Lion Cupcakes


  • Cupcakes (or your choice)
  • White Frosting
  • Yellow Food Coloring
  • Candy Eyes
  • Caramel Bits
  • Mini Vanilla Wafers
  • Chocolate Cookie Icing
  • Chocolate Jimmies
  • Wilton Baking Cups
lion cupcakes

How To Make Lion Cupcakes

  1. Bake your cupcakes according to directions and let them cool.
  2. Add 2 drops of yellow food coloring to your white frosting and mix well.
  3. Frost the tops of the cupcakes.
  4. Cut your mini vanilla wafers using kitchen scissors around the sides to whatever size you would like to make the ears & mouth.
  5. Add on the chocolate jimmies onto two of the mini wafer cut outs using your chocolate icing to look like whiskers.
  6. Flatter out a caramel bit using your fingers and place it on the top of the wafers for the nose.
  7. Add on the edible eyes.

That is it…SO easy!

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