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Easy Minecraft Birthday Party Cake

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My oldest turned 11 last week and we made him this fun Minecraft Cake. My boys adore this game…seriously obsessed! When he requested a Minecraft cake I had no idea what to do. My 8 year old stepped in & helped create this cake. We were so pressed for time and used candies we had on hand. This ended up being very easy to make and I had a lot of fun making this with my 8 year old.

Minecraft Cake

2 Chocolate Boxed Cake Mixes
White Frosting
Green Food Coloring
8 Rice Krispies Treats
Blue Gel Icing
1 Kit Kat
Green Color Mist
Assorted Candies (Starburst, Tootsie Rolls, Caramels)
2 Marshmallows
Chocolate Cookie Icing

Start out by making your cakes in 2 9×13 pans lined with foil. Pull out the cake when done baking & cut pieces of the cake to fit on your platter. Stack the corners. Add green food coloring in your frosting & frost the tops of the cake. Cut the rice krispie treats in half & place them on the ends. This will be the sand. Add the blue gel icing in the middle to look like water….

We cut pieces of candy we had on hand to look like the characters….

We made this guy using a caramel and blue Starburst. We used chocolate icing for the hair & face…

We used green Tootsie Rolls for the Creeper & decorated the face with chocolate icing…

We made the sheep with marshmallows & used a piece from a caramel for the face…

The pig is made from 2 pink Starburst….

We cut rice krispies treats for the trees & sprayed them with green color mist. We attached them to a Kit Kat using the chocolate icing…

Here is my big birthday boy with his Minecraft Cake!

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  1. My kids haven't gotten into it, but I know some who have. It turned out really cute. Love the pig.

  2. This is so fantastic! Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Germany