Mom Gives Birth to Daughter After 10 Sons

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Having kids is such a joy. Many of us wish to have a balanced set of boys and girls; however, it is up to mother nature to decide for us. For this mom, she finally gave birth to a daughter after having 10 sons.

photo via @mrsbrett79 Instagram

Alexis Brett

Alexis Brett is from England. She and her husband have had 10 sons. When they were pregnant with their 11th child, Alexis was expecting to hear that she was having another son. She was completely in shock when she heard she was finally having a girl.

photo via @mrsbrett79 Instagram

Now that their daughter is here, they are absolutely loving it. At her arrival, her 10 other sons were ages 2-17. Can you imagine having that many mouths to feed and take care of every single day?

Alexis thought her 10th son was her last; however, she knows for sure her daughter, Cameron, is definitely her last child.

They absolutely love their nontraditional family. While others think it is huge and crazy, they enjoy raising a large family.

Alexis shared, “I’m an only child myself and I’d never planned to have a large family, but now that I do, I love it. I always joked I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with a girl anyway but that’s all changed now, of course, and I have to admit that we’re having a lot of fun buying pink things for the first time.”

photo via @mrsbrett79 Instagram

Fun Facts

Alexis and her husband David have been married since 1998. They live in Dingwall, Ross-shire in a five-bedroom house with the entire family.

They have to go to the grocery store three times a week to have enough food to feed their family! In a given week, they would go through 16 loaves of bread, 100 packets of chips, and 50 pints of milk. That is just crazy!

Alexis and David never meant to have a big family; however, they have absolutely no regrets. They love their somewhat crazy life just the way it is. They especially love having a little pink in a house filled with boys as well.

Cameron sure is one lucky little girl to have 10 older brothers to protect her as she grows up!

For some, one child is enough, but for this mom, she definitely enjoys the wait after 10 sons to finally get a beautiful daughter.

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11 comments on “Mom Gives Birth to Daughter After 10 Sons”

  1. Elaine Osborne

    You have a beautiful family and it is so nice that you finally had a little girl. There is an old saying that goes: A son is a son till he takes him a wife but a daughters a daughter for all of her life. I have found that saying to be so true. If you think about it, it is usually the wives who make the decision about how much involvement they have with the in- laws. Daughters always want to be close to their family’s. So happy for you all, you are truly Blessed.

  2. Hi I’m Jerri and I just want to say I know exactly how you feel. But mine was a little bit different I had nine boys one little girl and then another boy. My daughter doesn’t like pink at all. My children now range from 45 to 24 and I also have a stepdaughter. Which makes us 12. I have loved every minute of raising my boys and yes the Lord only knew I could handle one girl. It has been a great joy raising her with all the boys.  We did lose one of our boys at the age of 32 to cancer eight years ago. That’s the hardest thing you would ever go through is losing one of your children. Take every minute of every day to count your blessings.

    1. First of all please accept my deepest condolences on your loss .I know your loss first hand .I lost my youngest son it’ll be 3 years come this May 10th.My son was46 yrs old . He passed from a brain bleed .Gone too soon of course . I did have 2 sons and 2 daughters .I was very fortunate to have had it work out that way .

    2. how could you afford all those kids put them through school college feeding them it’s not cheap to have big families lots lot kids