Illuminate Your Back Or Front Yard With These Gorgeous Glow-in-the-Dark Planters

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When you first buy a home or even begin to settle down, you start the journey of re-decorating. You want items that fit your style, are unique, and of course eye-popping. If you are lucky enough to have a front yard, back yard, or even a porch, these amazingly cool led planters are for sure your next purchase.

Led Planter on a porch.

Glow in the Dark Planters

I fell in love with these planters as soon as I laid eyes on them. They are big, beautiful, and fit with almost any aesthetic that you have. They are perfect for brightening up a pathway to a fire pit, and allow you to enjoy the pretty flowers that you have at night too! Don’t stop there though, these planters are perfect for indoors as well. I love using them as indoor night lights for my home so as to not wake anyone up with any harsh lights.

Planter in the backyard.
image via Epstein – Design

Epstein – Design Leuchtenmanfaktur

Epstein – Design is the company that creates these incredible planters, one being the Flora White Planter. The site together has some incredible products that I recommend looking at, but the Flora White is my favorite. Because this company is out of the country, if you are looking for other options and places to get these cool planters, you can keep reading to see other similar products.

Planter by the pool.
image via Epstein – Design

Led Flora White Features

Flora White is a rounded planter with a lightly frosted white surface or the option of a sandstone coating. I chose the lightly frosted for a brighter look! This planter comes with its own water drain for easy water removal. The starting length of the plug-in cable is 5 m, but you have the option to purchase longer lengths if desired. I absolutely adore these planters because they are perfect for inside and outside as well as being energy efficient. They are super high-quality and well worth it for a natural and elegant look.

Planter on steps.
image via Epstein – Design

What Can I Put In This Planter?

You can reach in to find your inner interior designer and add wall sorts of plants that you want. This planter works exactly as any other planter would. Add in your mulch, plant, and water, and you’re done. I love putting roses, lilies, tulips, orchids, daisies, and more. You can even put in starter plants that will eventually need to be planted somewhere else. This can be used for almost anything and will turn out great no matter what!

Flowers by the steps.
image via Epstein – Design

More Planter Options:

Led Cone Planter

This Cone Planter is a portable and wireless option that can be purchased on Amazon. It is battery-operated for those looking for a cordless option. It can be charged for up to 5 hours and placed in many areas of your yard, house, or by the pool if you have one. This planter is a good choice because it is water-resistant and made to withstand high and low temperatures. But, please don’t take your lovely planter for a swim even though insure you will love it. It cannot be submerged in water.

It can stay on for around 8-10 hours which is more than enough time if you are throwing a party or get-together and want to show them off. This of course is cone-shaped rather than the rounded Flora Planter, but it is still very stylish. It comes in 8 different colors that can be controlled by a remote or automatically. You have the option for slow motion or quick change modes.

Led Fiji Planter

This Fiji Planter is more of a rectangle shape, but with even more cool features. This planter comes with even more color options coming out to an incredible 16 colors. It also has options for dimming as well as 4-light modes. Just like the Flora and Cone planter, this Fiji planter is super energy efficient and rechargeable. This planter allows 20 hours of light with only one charge. It is a lot more similar to the cone planter because it is waterproof, lightweight, and very durable.

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