This Heinz Ketchup Puzzle is Intense

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Puzzles are all the rage right now as many people want something fun to do while they stay at home all day long every day. Heinz Ketchup created a puzzle that is a hard one, and lots of people are wanting to try it! Will you be one of them?

Heinz Ketchup Puzzle

Do you have a ketchup lover in your house? My best friend growing up would put ketchup on literally everything. Her favorite was Cheetos and ketchup, which is just crazy to me.

Ketchup Puzzle

We all love Heinz for their amazing ketchup and other condiments. But now, we can love them for their new puzzle as well.

This puzzle has 570 pieces. The best part is that all of the pieces are red, the Heinz red ketchup color to be exact. Now some people might think this is crazy or the best puzzle out there; you get to decide.

Would you do a puzzle with all the same colors of pieces? How long do you think it would take to complete?

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Where to Get a Heinz Ketchup Puzzle

Sadly, you cannot buy this puzzle. Heinz is giving away 57 of these puzzles. Why 57? Because of their 57 different Heinz varieties. Every bottle of Heinz products has a 57 varieties label on it. I had to double-check mine just to be sure!

To win this incredible Heinz puzzle, you will have to head over to their official Instagram page. Find their post about the puzzle, and comment on who you would complete the puzzle with. Then, they will pick the 57 winners.


What a fun idea! Who would you complete this Heinz ketchup puzzle with? I would definitely do my best friend who absolutely loves ketchup!

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Some would find this puzzle boring and completely useless, while others think it is the greatest invention ever. Which side are you on?

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