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Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

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Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

My 2 older boys started 1st and 3rd grade today. I am going to miss those boys so much! They are so fun to hang out with! I packed them some simple, but cute lunches today, but forgot to take pictures. It was so crazy getting everything ready this morning for their first day back to school! We have started making some fun lunches including this Horton Hatches the Egg Lunch! We actually made this for my 1 year old. I guess you could pack this for a school lunch in a rectangle shaped container. We have such a love for Dr. Seuss books. Both of my older boys learned to read with Dr. Suess books and Horton Hatches the Egg was one of their favorites. My youngest absolutely LOVED this lunch!

Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

3 Pieces of Whole White Wheat Bread
Prepared Egg Salad
1 Apple
1 Banana
2 Mini Marshmallows
4 or 5 Raisins
Pretzel Sticks

Take a piece of bread and cut the top left and bottom right corner with kitchen scissors. Like this….

Cut and Shape the Bread

Place that piece on another piece of bread and cut it out using it as a guide. Spread your egg salad in between the bread. You can make any kind of sandwich, but we thought it would be fun to include egg salad with this. Take another piece of bread and cut off the top to make the legs….

Cut and shape the ears

Cut a apple in half and cut around the edges to shape Horton’s ears. If you are packing this lunch you will need to rub some lemon juice on the apple to prevent browning. Cut a banana in half and then cut the bottom at a angle. Place on the front to make a trunk. Leave on the peel if you are packing. Cut a marshmallow in half to make the eyes. Cut another marshmallow in half..then cut those halves in half again. This will go on the feet. Cut raisins with kitchen scissors to make eye brows, lashes, pupils, and mouth. Place pretzels on the bottom to look like a nest.

Here is my 1 year old with his Horton!

Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

I am sure most of you can relate to how hard it is taking a picture of a toddler. I can not ever keep him still! Forget getting him to look at the camera and smile! I have done some pretty crazy things trying to make this to happen. For this picture I actually got a stool stuck on my head while I had pretzels hanging out of my ears and nose. Thankfully I had my older boys to help me get the stool off of my head…which took forever! Having the pretzels hanging out of my nose and ears was to get him to laugh obviously. Now I have a ton of pictures with him shoving pretzels up HIS nose! I am so glad my older boys never think to video tape me trying to take pictures!ha

Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

My older boys insisted that we add a Egg (marshmallow) to this lunch. It’s really just a excuse to eat another marshmallow!

Horton Hatches the Egg Salad Lunch

We made these Horton Hatches the Egg Marshmallow Pops last year that my boys loved…

Horton Hatches the Egg Marshmallow Pops

This is my middle son when he was in preschool dressed up like Horton from stuff we had laying around the house. They had a Dr. Seuss parade….

dressed up like Horton from stuff we had laying around the house

We love Horton!

Horton Hatches the Egg Book

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You are so much fun! I'm sure you'll miss your boys, but the kitchen fun you'll have with after school snacks will make up for it! Love the little one with the pretzel up his nose – too funny!

Adorable. I'm sure your little one is going to miss having his brothers around during the day, but he sure looks happy eating his Horton sandwich =)

Awww ….how cute !!! I jus love the banana trunk 🙂 🙂

That is so cute! what a fun idea.
I'm a follower and big fan of your blog. I would like to invite you to be a part of an event I'm hosting on my blog , A Rosie Sweet Home, called Autumn Celebrations. Since fall is a crafters dream when it comes to decorating for the season, I will be dedicating the month of October to all thing Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I would be so flattered if you would like to be a guest on my blog, You may share any thing you like that has to do with this wonderful season. If you are interested in participating in this event contact me @ for more information or if you have any questions.

Oh I just love this – Horton is a sweetie!

Oh how cute!!! Love it!

What a fun meal!!

How cute! My little guy loves elephants, and we recently borrowed Horton Hatches the Egg from the library, so I'm sure this would be a hit with him. It's such a cute book!

So adorable! Very sweet! My favorite photo in this whole post is the Horton halloween costume!

Amy @ Creative Kid Snacks

How fun! I'm featuring this tomorrow on my Kid's Co-op post. Come on by, check it out, and grab a button!


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