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How to keep Mice out of Campers

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I’m not sure if you have ever dealt with a mouse problem in your home or RV, but those little guys can be a huge problem and we gathered up the best ideas for how to keep mice out of campers, garages, and houses. This is by far one of the cheapest (and most cruelty-free) method to keep the critters away. No need for traps!

We love to camp and this 1976 Scotty trailer was our first camper. We have made so many awesome memories in this cute little thing. Honestly, I’m not the camping type so my husband has always tried to glam it up a bit to keep me interested in going on our camping trips. One thing that is a sure way of keeping me away is critters in the camper!

Now that Fall is here, mice will find their way into RV’s, homes, and garages to keep warm so now’s the time to use one of these ideas to keep them out of your living space.

1976 Scotty Trailer - Camping Hacks

How to keep Mice out of Campers

Place a bar or two of Irish Spring soap in your trailer. Critters absolutely hate the strong smell of the soap, and will stay far away from it. You can also leave the bars of soap in your garage, basement, or anywhere else you suspect pests are hiding…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Place dryer sheets in areas that you suspect critters to enter or hide. Be sure to change the dryer sheets every few weeks to keep the scent strong enough to keep them away…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Soak cotton balls with peppermint oil and place them in suspected areas…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!Moth balls are also a good idea. I personally do not prefer to use this, but others do not mind the smell…

How to keep Mice out of Campers, Garages, and Homes!

Here are some other ways to keep the mice away…

Steel Wool – covering holes that mice can get through, they don’t like the metal.

Aluminum Foil – blocking passages.

Wall plug-in

Keeping areas clean and tidy will really help giving critters no areas to hide in. Also making sure all food is put away and sealed.


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Ant bait Terro brand took care of kitchen ants within 48 hrs. I watched them entering the clear tunnels and working away within the enclosure and then as if by magic, they were just Gone.

I had a mouse in my car i put down a glue trap under the seat and caught it but then i got another one so i tried it again and he peeled himself off of it so that is also a hit or miss idea.

Can you leave it through the winter or will they melt and cause moisture and then mold?

Peppermint oil worked for me. I used it in a oil warmer and put cotton balls around and made sure to find where they were coming from and filled some holes and haven’t seen one in over a year.

I have Irish Spring soap in kitchen and bath. Mice eat it like crazy in the winter.

Twenty mule team borax. Speard it under the stove, fridge, on the back of the countertop and just leave it there when they pass through it the powder they clean their feet and ingest it and it dries their insides out and rhey die…. i been useing this for 35 years now and it works no roaches in the house.. works on ants also…..

I hope it works too. Last winter the chipmunks ate a third of my firewall to make nests and it cost me $564.00 for repairs. Due to my health I didn’t use the car very much if at all last winter. So I’m going to try the soap and the peppermint oil. I pray it works.

Try the soap

I use cinnamon scented pinecones and cinnamon sticks in my tc to keep the mice out.
I also use dryer sheets to keep wasps out of my yard decorations and bird houses.the birds don’t seem to mind the smell but the wasps stay away!

Irish Spring & dryer sheets contain philanthates.
They can destroy the central nervous system

Ihave put mouse traps when l see the droppings and they don’t even touch and still saw their droppings so l took dryer sheets and added peppermint oil to them and HAVE NOT seen a mouse in the house in almost a year. I change them about every 5 weeks or so. Thank you.

Critter out.

The mice ate the Irish spring and left the box.

We’ve tried peppermint oil, dryer sheets, a product called fresh cab (on amazon or tractor supply). None really worked. Set traps and got a few. My husband even went under the camper and filled all the holes he could find with silicone. It is never ending. So annoying.

Irish Spring soap, & Paprika for ants will be tested immediately. Anything natural is better for all of us!

Cat litter doesn’t work

Will it work with chipmonks. We have a terrible time iththem. Our neighbors feed the birds then in the fall here come the chip monks tunneling everywhere they can.

If u have a dog Do Not leave Irish Spring soap lying around. They will happily eat the whole bar and it will wipe out all bacteria in their gut, making it impossible to digest food effectively. It took us over a month to re-establish healthy bacteria in our Labrador. In the mean time she threw up undigested food daily.

Buy Combat in Publix Walmart and hardware stores.Lived in Fl.over 40 years but one under the sink stove washer and in b.r. cabinets. One in closets, there’s 8 to a box for about $9.oo Get large size {all roaches fit in }Change them every 8 months and put the old ones out to the garage. Saved money on exterminators all these years.

Google natural remedies for getting rid of roaches. But essential oils work peppermint and eucalyptus oils mixed together work miracles and keep the house smelling good. Only mix together in glass spray bottle will eat through plastic spray bottle


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