How to Stop These Five Creatures From Crawling In Through Your Toilet

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How often do you clean your bathroom, and more specifically, your entire toilet? Chances are not enough! So much residue goes everywhere when you flush that they can be dirtier than they seem.

Because of this, many bugs and other critters often are found inside the bathroom. This is due to the moisture as well as the cleanliness.

But, did you know other animals and creatures can actually come through your toilet into your home? Check out these five that can and how to stop them!

1. Rats

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Rats and Mice are always on the search for some food, so they often go through pipes trying to find some!

Many houses will have their toilet and garbage disposal on the same pipeline, which is how rats find their way to your bathroom.

Rats can swim through the pipes and hold their breath for quite some time before they need to breathe.

To prevent rats from coming in, keep the lid closed at all times. There are also rat guards you can install so they stay out.

Do not flush any food down the toilet and throw away your food instead of washing everything down the disposal.

2. Spiders

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Spiders cannot swim in your pipes so they come through other ways. But, when they do wind up in your bathroom, they will usually go to your toilet seat.

If you have an outdoor toilet, black widows can and might crawl inside the toilet because those toilets don’t usually have plumbing. Be sure to check your outdoor toilet seat before using it to ensure no venomous spiders are there!

3. Snakes

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Snakes love dark, wet, and cool places, which is why toilets are very appealing. Most often though, their food makes its way into the pipes first. Then, when they are finished with their dinner, they look for a way out. Usually, that means your toilet.

If a snake happens to come up your pipes, it will usually be a harmless one like garden snakes since they are smaller.

4. Possums

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Possums can swim and hold their breath for a long time, which means, if they are small enough, they can and will clean in your pipes.

Some people have found baby possums, dead or alive in their toilets.

If you see one, call pest control immediately!

5. Lizards

image via Siyanight

It is pretty common in the Southwest United States that lizards will come through the toilet pipes. Lizards love water and food and will do anything to get some.

When your plumbing is not cleaned regularly, food, bugs, and other critters will be in your pipes, making them more appealing for creatures, especially lizards.

How to Stop These Creatures

If you find yourself with one of these creatures in your toilet, or just want to prevent that from happening, here are a few tips to help you!

1. Keep Your Pipes and Toilet Clean

You can even do this naturally with some sugar, water, vinegar, and dish soap. Mix everything together and pour down your toilet.

Clean your toilet as often as possible and make sure to keep the lid down when you are finished!

2. Keep Your Bathroom Dry

Creatures and insects like moist areas. So, make sure to keep your bathroom as dry as you possibly can. After you take a shower, wipe down the floors to make sure they stay dry.

3. Call Pest Control

If you suspect you have creatures in your pipes, it doesn’t hurt to call pest control. They will take a look and help you with what you need!

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