8 Amazing Things a Humidifier Can Do For Your Family

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If you don’t have a humidifier, don’t be surprised if you want to buy one by the end of this post. I had no idea how great these things are for year round use! (She says, turning on her humidifier.)

I’m going to share some reasons you should use a humidifier, but first… if you have a cold, you should try our Hot Toddy recipe or this Instant Pot Chicken Soup. You’ll love them both.

8 Amazing Things a Humidifier Can Do For Your Family

Amazing Benefits of the Humidifier

Dry air, understandably, causes moisture to evaporate. Humidifiers put moisture back in dry air. They are incredible machines and range in prices so that they are affordable for any budget. Here are some of the wonderful things a humidifier does for you and your family when you fill it up and turn it on. You can find out favorite Humidifiers HERE.

Kills Flu Virus

Raising humidity near 50% kills flu virus roaming around in the indoor air you breathe.

One researcher reported, “A review of past peer-reviewed studies conducted over the last 70 years also showed that homes kept at 40-60% relative humidity-the optimal range, are likely to have fewer flu viruses lingering in the air and on surfaces like sink faucets, door handles, and countertops compared to lower relative humidity levels.”

Turns out the regular flu virus can survive in the environment for at least 24 hours. In more humid environments, the virus survival time is markedly decreased. (source)

This 2009 study discovered that after 23 hours 100 percent of the viruses were dead in humid air as opposed to dry environment where only 40% of the viruses were removed in the same period of time.

Ease Symptoms of Cold & Flu

Whether you have a runny nose, sinus congestion, hacking cough or a sore throat, turning on a humidifier will offer quick relief.

It helps to make a cough more productive so that you can get out the bad stuff.

Quiets Snoring

Yes, this only works if the snoring is caused by dry nose and throat. But, if I were sleeping next to a snorer, I’d try it immediately. Can’t hurt, right?

Helps Ease Dry Skin

Itchy, dry skin is no match for a humidifier. In fact, regular use of a humidifier will help make your skin much softer. Lotions can’t even compete.

Lower Utility Bill

For every degree you lower your thermostat in winter, you save about 4% on your heating bill. Since warm air holds moisture, the humidifier will make you feel warmer and allow you to turn the heat down.

Fewer Electric Shocks from Static Electricity

Dry air causes that awful “touch something and get shocked” thing. Don’t you hate that? A humidifier can remedy the problem.

Sleep Better

The sound of the machine in conjunction with a gentle, cool mist will definitely improve your quality of sleep. You’ll wake up in the morning without a scratchy throat, and everything from your skin to your dry nose will feel better.

Reduce (or Eliminate) Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds that are caused by dry air are a thing of the past when you use a humidifier, especially at night.

Properly Care for a Humidifier

First, be sure to use distilled water. Minerals in regular tap water aren’t good for the machine.

Second, never leave the water sitting in the humidifier. Empty it after every use and then fill it back up again when you need it next. This includes dumping the water each morning after having used it at night.

Finally, clean your humidifier every 3 days. Otherwise, bacteria and mildew will grow and when you use it, it will simply spray what that bad stuff everywhere. No one should be breathing in mildew and bacteria because the humidifier isn’t clean.

Mix one part bleach to nine parts water to soak the tank and parts. It will help prevent mold from growing.

And don’t forget to change the filter as per the manufacturer’s instructions!

Do you use a humidifier?

What are the benefits that you love? Which kind do you own? If I’ve missed some great benefits of using a humidifier, I hope you’ll tell me!

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