Humpty Dumpty fell off a Sandwich!

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Humpty Dumpty fell off a Sandwich!

We made this Humpty Dumpty Lunch back in August when my 5 year old started school. His Kindergarten class had a nursery rhyme parade and he wanted to be Humpty Dumpty. We had to come up with a costume using whatever we had at home. It was fun and we decided to make this lunch together the next day. We have also made Humpty Dumpty sat on a WALLffle and Humpty Dumpty sat on a S’mores that they really loved as well!

We used 2 pieces of bread, peanut butter and jelly, 1 large marshmallow, and 2 mini chocolate chips.

Make any kind of sandwich…we made pb&j. Cut off the crust to make a square. We cut our red apple in half. Peel off the top part of the apple so it looks like he is wearing pants. Use the scraps to make the arms, legs, and mouth. Make slits in the apple to push in the arms and legs. Attach the hands, feet, eyes, etc…with peanut butter. We cut a large marshmallow in half and cut around the edges for his eyes. We used 2 mini chocolate chips for the pupils. You could also use raisins.

We had lots of fun making this and it’s pretty easy to do!

Here is my proud 5 year old with his Humpty Dumpty Lunch…
Humpty Dumpty fell off a Sandwich!
Here is the costume that we made using things that we had at the house. Cardboard from a box, construction paper, tape, hangers, & baby brother shoes!
Humpty Dumpty fell off a Sandwich!

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19 comments on “Humpty Dumpty fell off a Sandwich!”

  1. Hi… I found your costume picture thru Google and would love for you to share how you made it… I need to make a Humpty costume for my sons Mother Goose parade next week… Thanks for your help!!

  2. Avatar photo
    Beth (

    Waaaaay cute lunch & LOVE the costume!! What fun you have at your house!! Thanks for linking up at TGIF – see you tomorrow =-)

  3. Avatar photo
    Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    I am always impressed by your clever food, but your costumes really take the cake. I've never seen anything like this Humpty Dumpty costume. You are so incredibly talented!

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  4. Lol… I think that's one of the funniest lunch I have ever seen. Oh my goodness, Humpty's face really gave me a good laugh 😀