Kangaroo Pancakes for Breakfast

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I asked my 3 year old what he wanted for breakfast the other morning and he requested Kangaroo Pancakes. I was thinking how in the world are we going to make that, but I think we came up with a cute and easy way to make them. He loved it!

Kangaroo Pancakes for Breakfast

Kangaroo Pancakes Ingredients

Kangaroo Pancakes for Breakfast

How To Make Kangaroo Pancakes

  • Start out by making your pancake mix according to directions.
  • Pour a little bit of the mix into a small bowl. This will be the baby.
  • Pour a little bit of cocoa in the rest of the mix. Pour your chocolate pancake mix into a pan on low heat making 3 medium size pancakes and 1 small pancake.
  • Use the small pancake for the head. Use one of the med. pancakes for the body.
  • Cut another one in half & place that on top…this will create the pouch.
  • Cut out the other features like the ears, tail, etc., using kitchen scissors with the other half.
  • Cut the feet and hands out the last pancake using round cookie cutters. You can also just use your kitchen scissors.
  • Cut a marshmallow in half for the eyes. Use chocolate chips for the face, hands, and feet.
  • Pour the rest of your regular pancake mix in the pan and make a small circle.
  • Cut out the baby kangaroo and place in the pouch.

He was amazed by his Kangaroo pancakes….

Kangaroo Pancakes for Breakfast

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