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The Agony of Losing a Pet Is Worse Than People Know

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Losing a pet is so much more painful than most people realize. It can even end in “broken heart syndrome.” Here’s how.

The Agony of Losing a Pet Is Worse Than People Know

Do you have a pet you adore? I love seeing pictures and reading stories about the precious pets people have. If you haven’t read this story about a life-saving Pitbull, you have to! Such a sweetie.

The Agony of Losing a Pet

When a pet dies, the family who loved that fur baby is grief-stricken. Pets are family members. They are there when we wake up, and beside us when we go to sleep. They see us sick, happy, angry, sad, and they never pass judgment. Our pets see the truth of who we are and they love us in spite of ourselves.

Isn’t that what family is supposed to do? Be there in good and bad times, offering support and unconditional love? Some may say they don’t even get that kind of care from their human families.

That’s why Scientific American says we should take pet loss seriously.

The aching hearts of those who lose a pet are often lonely hearts. After her dog died, a woman suffered from a terrible condition called “broken heart syndrome.” SA explains, “It can happen when the response to grief is so severe the person exhibits symptoms that mimic a heart attack, including elevated hormone levels that can be 30 times greater than normal.”

Essentially, the author says when you’re in anguish after this kind of loss, you need to reach out and let people know how badly you’re hurting.

“We need to seek social support from people we know will understand and sympathize with our emotions and not judge us for them.”

I think as a society we can always do a better job of supporting each other.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

You were used to morning purring to wake you up and now it’s quiet. You and your good boy always went for a walk before heading to bed. Now the leash hangs still.

When you open the front door, no one runs to you. At night all you can think about is how long it been since you slept in a bed without a four-legged friend taking up all the space.

That’s why the rest of us should show up, be loving, supportive and continue to be so for as long as it takes. There is no timeline on grief.

“It is time we gave grieving pet owners the recognition, support and consideration they need. Yes, it is up to us to identify and address our emotional wounds when our pet dies, but the more validation we receive from those around us, the quicker and the more complete our psychological recovery will be.” – Scientific American

If you’ve lost a pet, I want you to know how sorry I am you’re in pain. Tell us about them in the comments. What made you love them so? Did they have a favorite toy or a sweet way of showing you their love?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to a therapist to help you get through.

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  1. Thankyou for this article. People dont understand that I’m still grieving after a year. My dog died from a rare blood disease and I wasn’t told by the vet his blood work showed something going on. I feel helpless I couldn’t help him sooner!!

    • Hugo. He was 1.5 years old when he was diagnosed with Acute leukemia. Our hearts will always hurt for our baby boy. With treatment he would have lasted 4 months and that’s wasnt fair of us to put him through that pain. We gave him a wonderful weekend full of good food and company until his body told us it was time. He crossed the rainbow bridge on 6/3/2019. I feel guilty every day that I couldnt do more for him. It just wasnt fair. He was mommy’s baby boy. I dont know that I will ever get over this loss.

    • Tomorrow makes a week that I lost my good boy. His name was Old Redd. He was by my side for thirteen years. God knows I would do anything to get him back. Thank you, for this article. It’s nice to know that someone understands and doesn’t think I’m overreacting.

      • I lost my 15 yr old dog June 24 2019 that was by my side day and night. The pain is real and the emptiness I feel is overwhelming.

  2. Her name was raina. She was 2 years old. After attacking our other dog for the 6th time. I was done. But I loved her sweet, night cuddling’s in the couch. But the was getting unpredictable. 

  3. Skittles was my 17 lb. Cat. Not a fat cat but a big cat…so our his brothers. Sept 19, 18 i had to make a decision. He was dying of heart failure they said. Only 3 yrs old. Totally not fair. I miss him lying on my chest and as you can imagine he covered my tummy too. I miss him purring, licking my hand, curling up by my feet at night. Racing me to the door. Coming when i called his name. Snickers my other cat was lost without him for a long time. I dread the one year anniversary.

  4. I lost my beloved love bug, Lucy June 19th. It’s been almost a year and I still can’t look at her picture without crying. She slept in my arms as I lay on my side… for 6 years. I have yet to had s good nights sleep since. She was my constant companion and I miss her do much. I am 66 I Hot Shinhkes 1 week after she died….. I am surprised I didn’t die from a broken heart. 

  5. I lost my sweet Ruby 1 week ago today. She was 15 and has been through all of life’s crazy with me. College, marriage, kids, sickness, you name it and my girl was right there to support me. I miss her so and I know that broken heart syndrome is real. I can feel it. There are some days my heart is so heavy I think I’ll never make it out of this. Thank you for writing this article. It is a much needed read. 

  6. The two dogs that I miss the most are Daisy and Little. Daisy was our Beagle and she was a very loving dog. Little was our Cheagle. She was a rescue and no one ever knew we had a dog. She never barked and was extremely loving.

  7. I lost my boy 4 1/2 weeks ago and I am having all sorts of emotions going thru me. Loneliness, guilt, love, emptiness, heart is broken into pieces, this hole in my stomach, it’s all unbearable. He just turned 13 in January, but was diagnosed with insulinoma last Oct. 1, 2018. My life revolved around him 24/7. I am retired, so that made it a little easy. The medications were very expensive, the ultrasounds as well, but as we went along, I didn’t think he’d go down so fast as the last 2 weeks he was alive. I look at his puppy picture, with those blue eyes, and what a wonderful dog he turned out to be. He loved everyone and other dogs too. Even when we relocated to another state a year and half ago, he was a trouper. He had to give up his yard to going for walks as we moved into a townhome. I am so glad now that I had that time with him, but I truly believe the prednisone is what made him deteriorate to skin and bones and essentially make his joints so weak he couldn’t do stairs, or go on long walks anymore. That last nite was the hardest because it was the first time he was so uncomfortable, couldn’t lay down for more than 5 minutes and kept moving into different spots. The next day, before we took him to the vet, he lay in our garage, and kept staring at me with those “eyes”. those eyes that said please help me, I hurt, I am done. He wouldn’t eat, drink and didn’t want to go for a walk, nothing but lay there on that cool floor. I have never felt so guilty, that maybe there was something more I could’ve done, but the vet assured me I did a lot more than most would have done. I miss him so, so much, that I look at the LR rug, and remember how I laid on the floor and massaged him 3 – 4 times a day, or when I come home, and he’s not there by the door, or following me into each room I went into. I wrote him a letter and made collages of him, and gave some of his stuff away, but his chew bones are still where he left them the last time he chewed on them. His urn is on the china cabinet, but I would rather just carry it around with me, holding him, but I cant. I taught him how to play catch, and I found that video and play it over and over and the one where he is running down our old fence with the dogs next door. I miss his bark so much, and how playful he was before he got sick. I will be talking with a grief counselor tomorrow.

  8. I have lost my cats Misty and Binx one year after the other. It has been 2 years. The pain never goes away really. My heart gets heavy still when I think about them

  9. Thank you so much for this article. I really thought I was losing my mind because no one could understand… My family lost our 5yr old lab/Weimaraner Jasmine, suddenly  just 6 days ago and the pain I feel is unexplainable, we would e given anything for more time with her, but her liver failed and it was the hardest decision in my life to let her go since she tried so hard to seem ok around us. My emotions are so mixed and I felt like it just wasn’t right to reach out for therapy over it so thank you again!

  10. My pup just passed this morning. She was almost 12 I’m devastated. 

  11. I lost my Sooner on 4/18/2019.  I had to let her go two days after she gave birth to 14 babies. She went for an emergency spaye and they discovered a tear where her esophagus joined her stomach. I then lost one of her babies two days later. I buried my grief to take care of her babies, but now at 8 weeks they are going to their new homes and it is ripping my heart out. I have memories of their mom flood me and I just feel like my heart is breaking. N

  12. Peach just followed me everywhere and especially to the door when I returned to “our” home together.
    It is wonderful to share a home with my special pet.  I needed that as much as he did.

  13. I lost my sweet beautiful Toby in February. He was my buddy and my best friend. He was a cat we got 13 years ago when our done showed up with him at our house on the day of Hurricane Katrina. He was just 8 weeks old. He was a beautiful orange tabby. I miss him so much. There is an empty hole in my heart. I have his ashes in a cedar box and in a necklace. He meant so much to me. I will always miss him, he will always be in my heart. 

  14. I just lost my baby boy two nights ago. It hurts so much. I’m physically hurting! I don’t know how much I can take!!!!

    He had a toy that we called Monkey. It is just a stuffed monkey and he loved to chase it and play hide and seek with it. We would playb that game with him every night before going to sleep. It was his favorite and he would fall asleep smiling. GOD, I MISS HIM SOOO MUCH!

    • I lost my Cooper on 20 December.. 2 weeks ago today.. It Hurts soooo much… It’s like an intense pain… I miss my boy so much xx

  15. When we lost our 2 springers within 3 months of each other my husband fell into a deep dark hoke of loss and pain
    This gigantic strong man was broken. Tears and sobbing, not sleeping, not eating and lost. My heart was broken for him and I needed to help heal him
    In any way I could. So along came Roo, an 8 week old springer boy that he couldn’t even look at until that night they were snuggled and he was telling Roo all about his pain

  16. My fur baby shihtzu Kiko died this past weekend, I had her for 15 years! 
    She was always there for me in good and bad times.  I got her a year after graduation, she came with me when I moved out of province for work and knew no one, she was with me when I moved again this time back home, she was with me when I met my husband and at our wedding, and when we had our son, she helped me with our 4 year struggle of infertility and then was here when I finally was able to welcome my baby girl!
    I keep looking for her and I miss her.
    She was my silent best friend that just knew what I needed.  
    She was full of life right until the evening before she passed.  She had been diagnosed with heart disease 4 years ago and I think her little body was just done.  
    She passed away in my arms leaving me with one more memory of her I  will never forget.  
    My heart is broken and I am very sad. 

  17. Her name was piddles, I crossed the rainbow bridge yesterday June 17,2019. Most people ask why the name piddles well when she was a puppy she kept having little piddles on the floor even though she was house broke which she was so easy to train the best I’ve ever had, I couldn’t figure out how come theses little piddles here or there come to find out she was having small seizures well I had started calling her my little piddler so piddles kind of stuck. She was such a loving kind dog my grandson could climb all over her as she’d just lay there I could do anything to her she’d let me she was such a caring easy loving dog, if I was upset and crying she’d come over and nudge me with her nose as if to say mommy I’m here for you I have fibromyalgia and some days I hurt really bad she get up in bed with me and cuddle, the warmth from her body would help easy my pain also she’d get a full body massage so she won out as well she was always there for me  no matter what and as her health went down I was there for her  up until the end when I could no longer watch her suffer even though the pain and meds she still tried to please me and always wag her helicopter tail to let me know she loved me. I am so heart broken without her , I wake up looking for her with her smile and tail thumping on the floor people say oh it just a dog well no she wasn’t she was my baby my love and friend she got me and I could just look in those beautiful brown eyes and it was like I knew what she was thinking, she was love , I and what love should be and I am lost without her. I Still had her baby teeth some of her fur and a toe nail clipping also her name tag which I have put in a medicine bag made of leather to wear around my neck to keep her close to my heart where she will always be.

  18. My babys name was Dasiey aka Boobookitty. I had her for 17 wonderful years. I was 13 when she was born and I was 30 when I lost her on 1/12/19 she would’ve been 18 this Oct.. She was with me through every good and hard time in my life. She went through breakups, death, my parents divorce, me getting a boyfriend that loved her just as much as I did, new jobs, moving out on our own, she was always there with me. She listened to my horrible singing and never judged me for anything. I watched her mom give birth to her. I helped bring her into the world and I had to make the decision to let her go. It was the hardest decision I’ve ever had to make. I often feel guilty because I feel like I gave up on her ,but I know I did what was best for her. I couldn’t watch her suffer. My heart aches every day for her. I cry everyday. It’s a hurt that won’t go away. I wish I could just hold her one more time. I still smell her covers so I can feel close to her. My family and my boyfriend have helped me through the hard days and we remember all of the good times we had with her. We miss you baby girl# if love couldve saved you❤

    • I lost my best friend on Sunday. Bella was 16 1/2. She was my loyal, loving, caring companion. She followed me every where and I mean every where. She would watch me in the morning from the bed as I would get ready for work. She would say goodbye to me at the door and then run into the bedroom to watch me out the window. She would be there when I would get home with a happy cry and a tail wiggling. Sunday was the hardest day of my life, saying goodbye. She had so many physical problems and doggy dementia. She was getting so skinny and fragile. She wouldn’t even eat for the last year. I had to make her people food. The last few days she was having seizures. I loved her so much, I had to let her go. My heart hurts so much, that when I think of her, my whole body feels sick. I have been having A fib since Sunday. My heart aches. I cry a lot and can’t sleep. The only thing that has helped is thinking of her in no more pain, hopping around, wiggling her tail, and feeling her happiness. I love you my Bella and miss you so much!!! Be happy!! Until we meet again♥️

  19. i lost two of my sweet babies a month apart – took my heart with them. when i first pts my 16 year old baby it felt like my life was sealed away in a vault – all my emotions where blocked and taken away. Then my handsome 9 year old i had to pts due to very advanced cancer – that was the end for me. life stopped. all my joy is gone my reason for staying alive is gone. then i lost my two old kitties and two very near and dear friends within a day of each other. Life sucks

  20. I lost my two best friends of 14 and 15 years within four days of each other back in June of 2016. Their deaths were as significant to me as any human family member, perhaps closer because they lived with me as a single person and were with me almost every day of those years. I will never quit missing Char and Gris Gris and, unfortunately, no other cat will be able to fill the void left in their place.

    Char would’ve been the best therapy cat for people. He wasn’t afraid of anyone or anything except the vacuum cleaner. He once attacked our full-grown Lab after I brought our new baby home and the dog tried to eat the pacifier. I shooed the dog away, which the cat must’ve perceived as a threat to me and my son, so Char launched into the air like a giant cartoon “X” swiping all four arms and legs to ward off the dog. He was an amazing protector!

  21. It was 4 weeks ago today I said goodbye to the feline love of my life. My sweet girl was 19 years old and had been my best friend since she was 12 weeks old. I cannot explain how broken hearted I am and how time hasn’t helped. I understood her time was coming due to her age but the suddenness of it I was not prepared for. I only pray the pain will lessen someday. I’m grieving this kitty more than I have human family members. In a way that makes me feel guilty as she was a cat but she was in my life longer than most people and her love was unconditional. 

  22. 4 weeks yesterday when l had to lay my wonderful faithful friend to rest. 14 years spent together will never be erased from my heart. So hard to explain the raw hole in my heart his passing has brought to my life. Now is time to accept we will never make anymore memories together so l have to cherish the special ones l have. He went to sleep looking into my eyes knowing that he was loved, cared for and always held a special place in my life, the same as l did in his. I miss him so much . Rest in peace Ralph, and thank you . Never just a dog, a true companion.

  23. I had to put my Soccer if 22 years to sleep at the end of February, he was my baby. He was always there for me, went thru a lot together, and then just last week mama kitty died in my arms at home, She was 11 yrs old. Got her ashes back today. They are right beside my soccer’s ashes. It’s just hard.. Thank you for the article.

  24. I lost my dog yesterday at 4:15 pm. Diesel had GI cancer he lived 2 months longer than expected. But his health went downhill fast. I had to make the hardest decision ever. I couldn’t have him suffer any longer so he had him humanely euthanized . My vet is wonderful. She came to my house and with me laying beside him he peacefully went to sleep on his favorite blanket and with his favorite ball. I am a mess. Didn’t sleep last night, have cried off and on all day. Haven’t ate. Feel so empty inside. And even though we have another dog the house seems empty. Diesel was my baby . He slept with me, followed me around. My family doesn’t understand how bad I am upset. They seem to be over it. But my heart is so broken. Love you so much Diesel. Run free

  25. I ended up in the ER twice since her passing, having major anxiety attacks. I didnt want to be here without her, that simple. I’ve cried almost every day, this month Mark’s a year. My Doctor was like, “well you have other dogs don’t you”? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!! I slept with a blanket rolled up next to me for months. I take her urn with e everywhere. At night I place it next to my bed on the night stand. She was my soulmate dog. I will be broken & grieving the rest of my life. All I know is when I pass, she will be waiting for me.

  26. So, today at 5:10 our hearts broke and an era ended. Today we lost our best friend and companion Lambeau. I will miss the walks, the talks, his snuggling my face as I lie in bed, sharing my meals, even picking up his poo. He was the fifth dog we owned and among the best. We always say he was the best and indeed he was, but he also shares that title with the others. He was my friend and shadow at times, running down the stairs if I so much as played a chord on a guitar in the basement. Getting the way and enjoying all the treats given to him during the Holidays and our Pool party. My heart is broken and is left with a huge empty hole….I love and miss you Lambeau, find Kodi, Ivan, Nikki, Primo and Louie and run with them until I get there and we can once again be together. I will always love and remember you, my buds…….As I held him in my arms until the very end, I kept telling him I was sorry and that I loved him.

  27. We lost our dalmatian mix after 12 1/2 years. She got sick and passed before we knew what hit us. We still miss her so much after a year later. She was our best friend. We both still grieve over her. We will never have such a close pet and beloved companion and wish I could have done something to make her live longer. She will always be e in our hearts.

  28. My cat was 10 years old. Her name was Girlfriend. She was the best cat I’ve ever had. I really miss her. This is how I got her – I saw her picture on line at an animal hospital. I called and inquired if I could adopt her. They told me she had just been adopted. I was disappointed. For some reason I checked that website again in a couple weeks or so and her picture was still on there. I called their office and told them they had forgotten to take her picture down. The lady said to hold on – she came back on and told me the family had returned her as they felt they couldn’t bond with her. Needless to say I drove right over there and adopted her. She died of kidney disease. I worked with the vet but after two years (in that time she was not in pain or suffering) she stopped eating and had lost weight. Thanks for letting us share about our furry loved ones. I’m a widow and am alone so she was perfect for me!

  29. We just lost our pup, Dexter, two weeks ago this Saturday. He was a rescue and showed his appreciation for the great life we gave him every day. He slept with our son, was my shadow when home, and just loved snuggling with us. He was our chihuahua’s best friend. Nacho is also depressed. He won’t eat and sleeps a lot. We’ve poured all our love and attention to Nacho now. He’s helping us get through this by helping him. We love our furbabies like our real babies. The sadness is real. 

  30. Little Miss Misty was her name. She was a Snowshoe Siamese. I do not what she die from. Three vets said she was ok. She sleep beside me, she was there when I need comfort. She kept me going though unemployment. She was my girl.

  31. My baby’s name was Bruno and what to say… he was annoying and a mess with people around lol but with me he was simply perfect, he was sweet, silly, cuddly, he was literally perfect and oh and sooo handsome!!  as I was obsessed with him he was as obsessed with me, he was my shadow, he loved me beyond words could explain and i loved him the exact same way back. I miss him more than anything. It’s been 4 months without him and it hurts as if it was yesterday that I last had him in my arms.  All the love and support he gave me during the hardest times of my life is what made me love him sooooo much. 

  32. Thankyou for this information, I sometimes think that I am ridiculous for crying at the most inopportune times even when I see and feel other peoples pain. I sometimes wish that life is not worth living especially when I see all the little marks made by my boys Tigger and Tuther who died from cancer, Tiggs passed two years ago and Tuther passed in February this year. My family say pull yourself together nan and get a grip. They were only cats, but to me they were my life and I miss their little quirks. Once again THANK YOU FOR THIS INFORMATION.

  33. I am a 69 year old man. I have enjoyed the friendship of many a pet. Their lives are forever etched on my heart.  I can still see them I have kept each of their bowls and I truly believe I will reunite with them at the Bridge. And yes I have been with each of them on that final journey and cried my heart out as I left the vet. No they are not just a dog cat lizard or bird They
    are family.   

  34. This is so important to share and extend awareness of pet grief. The heartache is horrible. I have been my furkid’s fulltime caregiver for 19 months while he battled lymphoma and leukemia. We had a heavy daily routine of meds, supplements, homemade food, all while keeping him happy and content. Each morning was a new day with helicopter tail and a bazillion kisses, each evening was a massive grateful flop in bed, up against his mom (me). We lost him last week, at 7 and a half, the cancer won and we didn’t want our boy to suffer. He leaves behind a fursister, who is lost without him, and battling her own health issues. Our family has suffered quite a few personal tragedies over the course of our boys life, but nothing could prepare us for this. His loss is a gripping, painful loneliness that will take quite a while to navigate through. Hug your pets tight and appreciate every moment.

  35. We had to put our Labrador Bailey down yesterday because of back pain and unable to walk. She will be truly missed she was a companion for my handicapped son and s friend to me since my husband passed away. We will miss her terribly. I know she was in pain and is happier now but it’s hard because she was such a big part of our family and gave us so much love❤️

  36. I lost be beloved Poirot… a.long haired German Shepherd of 11 years two years ago on Valentines. I still am in such pàin over this loss… I can’t get “over” it ànd cry every single day. He was totally devoted to me … I was his world and I felt oretty much the same aboit him

  37. I had to put my sweet baby boy Capone down May 7th. We had him almost 11years. I’m too broken to write much more because the emptiness is unbearable at this time. Please keep him in your prayers and I pray I’m reunited with him one day

  38. I lost my baby girl June 15th 2019 she turned 16 last month she was healthy and full of life she fell asleep in my arms every night and would rub her paws on my face until I fell asleep I am devastated! Having a really hard time! I miss her so much! She took a huge piece of my heart with her!

  39. We had to put my best friend to sleep yesterday she 11 years old. She knew the best of me and she knew the worst of me. She loved me anyways. She was the office dog. She went with me everyday. We laughed about her position at the office she was in charge of conflict resolution and damage control. Folks could come in my insurance office ready to kill me over a rate increase. She would come out from under desks and they would melt into a smile. She was the only child of ours that never talked back. I selfishly wanted to give her another day but due to her failing kidneys my wife said it would best for us to let her go instead of her dying alone. Shes a tough woman and I love her that decision I just couldn’t do it. Annabelle was her name and she could turn my worst days into Ray’s of hope. Not sure if theres dogs in heaven but I sure hope so she deserved to get to be there.

  40. My baby died on Monday, June 17th. He developed a bacterial infection in his liver and it was so bad he had to make the hardest decision ever. He was in so much pain and we couldn’t watch him suffer for our selfish reason not to loose him. But, from the moment we got him March 2008 until his last day he would always cuddle with his favorite doggy. He was a special boy and holds a very special place in our heart.

  41. Today I just had to put down a cat I received 4 or 5 yrs ago. He was 15 yrs old and ended up with a tumor. He wax like an old grouch in the last week.

  42. Thank you for this article. We lost our 17 year old Dog, Buddy yesterday. Our family is heart broken, but we know he is in a better place. It is so difficult 

  43. My my fur-baby chance just turn 10 March just passed away June 8th 2019 unexpectedly to start the story of our life together chances was a Border Collie Chow mix I watched him in his litter people and the minute he was born he was the one I wanted I will know where everyday added him cuddle with them played with him treated hey wonderfully strong bonds with chance until I can bring him home his forever sick with the Chow long with the Border Collie his ears in his chest hair or bib when he was a baby looks like you to the crimping iron to him as I got older it only looked at crimpy when he got wet the only place chance didn’t go me was work chance was never left alone so when I was at work he was with my boyfriend his daddy he went everywhere and if he wasn’t allowed I wouldn’t go I took them hiking for long walks and also my lawn to the beach any type of water he loved to clean the water his tail with wag back and forth in my laminate the whole time looking for the little minnow fish at the edge of the water he liked to dive 4 rocks chance was my world my soulmate the way he looked at me he knew when I needed him the most and I knew what each of his looks meant what he wanted with every turn of the head cry bark or whimper I couldn’t even normally take selfies with me cuz everytime I did I turn to look at him just a little sleep automatically hit try start kissing me he would sleep in bed with me right up against my side when it was just me and him in the car when I was driving had to hold his paw and rub it for a little while he never grew out of that I started that when he was a puppy when I first got him when he was a little nervous about being in the car I dressed him up for Halloween I didn’t force him he didn’t mind I thrown birthday parties with my sister and my niece and their dog I’d make dog safe cakes chance was my world and on June 8th my world came to an end how do you was great we had awesome day you spent the whole day at the beach I had his doggy bag which consists of treats food toys towel bowls and plenty of water we got home and he seemed fine nothing major and normal he had a bad back leg and I knew that he overdid it a little bit at the beach so I gave him a kiss he kissed me back I told him when he was ready to come outside with me and Daddy I went outside I was doing out there 5 minutes he let out this god-awful cry I’ve never heard that sound and never want to again I knew something was wrong ran inside quickly he stopped crying head hit the floor I started CPR what time is too late I couldn’t save my baby I don’t know what happened and I want people don’t get it chance wasn’t a dog he was more than a dog he was smart and handsome I don’t know what to do without him I have a huge hole and I just feel like I’m breaking I feel like I’m in a bad dream that I can’t wake up I still have his food and water does and anyting else his toys where he left them I won’t move them I have my baby cremated I have and your necklace that my sister brought me to put a little bit of chance in the with me I haven’t taken it off I cry everyday the first couple days are the hardest now I put on a show in front of everybody else that things are fine but they’re not at night I take the box that has his ashes and I sleep with it hugging it all day long crying and wishing to have him back I have owned by their dogs and cats growing up but chances are way different from all of them his personality I don’t even think he knew he was a dog I think he thought it was a person I’m still struggling I talked to my sister once in awhile I don’t want to burden anybody with my feelings just like this article says some people don’t get it my sister does but she has her own life so I’m still grieving and it doesn’t seem like it’s ever going to stop doesn’t sound like it’s getting easier I know it’s only been just under two weeks that he’s been gone I’m trying to stay strong and I think of all the happy memories like he like his butt spanked not hard sweet but he would stand there turn his head and look at you and he wants you to Pat his ass inside a big butt big butt and then he would do this jump twirl thing bark and then stand in front of you for you to do it again rest in peace my baby boy

  44. Bitty was Shih tzu that I rescue from an acquaintance  she had been living outdoors for 2 years in a dog. She had dread locks 6 inches long. I was a cat person but determined to find her a good home. After getting her cleaned up with the help of some friends, I found her 3 good homes but could not left go. I’m not sure who rescued who. It got where if she couldn’t go with me I didn’t go. We would family. It took 10 months before she actually licked my hand. But she would crawl up on me and nudge my face with her nose. I finally met a new and after a few weeks I asked him if he knew the quickest way to make me mad and he said”mess with my dog”. Because she always came first. We are this together. Bitty had an amazing life. She vacations, camping, dog sitters,  birthday parties, Christmas stockings. everyone loved her because after 5 years of neglect she still had the sweetest personality, the most beautiful face and the biggest heart. I lost her 4 years ago and even though we have a new baby, I’ll never get over loosing my best friend ever. She was one of a kind. (I cried the entire time I wrote this). I don’t have children but I would imagine that the pain is compatible.)

  45. Thank you for your timely article. We lost our beloved cat, Buddy, on May 29. Buddy had congestive heart failure and we didn’t even know he was sick. He was hiding it from us for as long as he could. His doctor said cats tend to do this. Grateful for the “bonus” week we had with him but it still is so difficult and sadly people that have never had a special animal connection just don’t understand. I feel sorry for them. The loyal and unconditional love they give us is beyond comparison. Meet me at the bridge, Buddy. We’ll be looking for you.

  46. I lost my Buzzy 3 weeks ago to a terrible accident. Fortunately I was there with him till the end, but feel a tremendous amount of guilt for not being able to save him. My heart aches for my Buzz daily and see him in literally everything I do. My daughter and other dog are so heart broken as well, and it kills me to know there is nothing I can do to ease their heart ache and sorrow. This sudden loss is one of the hardest things I have ever experienced, and it is truly a struggle to get by without my best friend everyday. It eases the pain to think that he is free to roam as he always loved in doggy heaven. 

  47. We took our Lilo Bear to the vet today after she was unable to get up…blood work and x-rays showed a splenic tumor that ruptured so she was bleeding internally…surgery would have been a 50/50 chance so we decided as a family to send her on her journey to the rainbow bridge with love and peace. She would have been 11 in November! She was the most wonderful dog and I already miss her. Everything in our home reminds me of her! I am heartbroken

  48. I agree, and in some ways it is worse than losing a family member. Friends understand losing a family member, but many of them think “it’s just a cat”. My Bellboy was my support through a difficult divorce and starting a new life. When he suddenly got sick we rushed home and despite 5 days in kitty intensive care, he died. Even now, 15 years later I still miss him and tear up remembering him. And while it was a little helpful that I still had his sister, I still missed him. As a tip, since I knew she would miss him as well, we brought his body home and let her check him out and let her watch as we buried him. She seemed okay after that but during his hospital days she was obviously looking for him.

  49. Oh boy where do I start. Corky my hunter beagle was my best friend, no I should say our best friend. She was a pound puppy. She spent 17 1/2 years by my side and we did daycare together. If I ever wanted to know when walk time was(with the kidlets), she always let us know. She was very kind and loving and at 10 years old accepted my son’s new puppy and 6 years later a 2 year old, both Heelers. She loved to play ball, play fight(she only ever nipped one person – my husband). She loved to play fight with him. Sometimes all it took was a certain look and they were off. Car rides and 2 french fries were right up there. She’ll be a very hard act to follow, if the time ever comes. Sorry, I tend to ramble on about her. Thank you for listening. I so understand.

  50. On father’s day this year I lost my heart dog who was there with me through the darkest times of my life, who saw the birth of my two daughters, who was there for them guiding them and protecting them. She was my constant companion after leaving my marriage and having my children ripped from me by their abusive father. She was by my side while I rebuilt my life and finally achieved my dream of being a career firefighter. She was my fur to cry into when I lost my dad on June 1, 2017, my most devastating loss to that date. And she was there when I finally met the love of my life and approved him. The grief I feel losing my Nikita is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. My husky girl was my first child and my heart dog. I will never have another like her….

  51. Monday of this week I was still in the rehabilitation facility and was extremely excited to be going home. I particularly missed my pups. Roxie was missing me, too. She managed to get out the gate and decided she was going to come see me. She knew where I was because she had been up to visit. She headed up the road toward the facility that is only a block away. Unfortunately, she never made it. She was hit by a car and killed instantly. I can’t tell you what a hole this has left in my heart.
    I chose her from a rescue organization nine years ago because she was such a cuddle bug. It was all an act, she soon earned her nickname, ’Wild Woman’. Mail delivery was never the same. The mailman quickly pushed it through the door slot to make she didn’t get his fingers. She then had to pick up piece and make sure it was dead by shaking the hell out of it. She slept with me every night, under the covers, stretched to her full length with all four feet in the air. Unless, of course one of the grandkids was spending the night and then she had to sleep with them. I think I have more pictures of her sleeping than awake. I miss her so much!

  52. On May-28-2019 My Puppy Max Cross The Rainbow Bridge..He Was 13 Years Old….On June-07-2019 He Was Cremated I Have His Ashes And Dog Prints…God Only Know How Hurt I Am..I Cry All day & Everyday I Look Threw All Hi Pictures I Cry..I See His Ashes I Cry As Well As His Dog Print..Lord I Miss My Pups Dearly..

  53. We recently moved our business to a new location that had a resident Red Hen, Henrietta. She visited all of the businesses up and down the street. She had the most charming personality and we all fell in chicken love with her. She greeted me every morning, came in the office for mealworms and melon. She left us beautiful brown eggs and talked quite a story. We have only been here since 4/1/19, so only 3 months of sharing her joy. She was killed last week during the night by another animal. I am devastated by her loss….I just can’t grasp how a little hen could get under my skin so thoroughly is such a short time. I still tear up at the thought of her not being here.

  54. My Bichon was 17.5 yrs. when he passed . When I would get my hair dryer out, he would come in 
    The bathroom and stomp he’s paws. Am I going, am I going.  I would say yes, go tell Bob you can
    Go. He would take off and bark at Bob, I’m going.  It’s been almost 7 yrs and I still cry. It was like
    Losing a great loved one. Because that’s exactly what it is.

  55. Libby was with me for 18 years. She had beautiful blue sapphire eyes. I loves her, she was sweet, tough, and persevering. A mom, gma, friend, competitor for a toy, snuggle buddy and meal buddy. I miss her.

  56. I lost my baby Brie April 2018. I feel like i’m stuck. I miss her so much and my heart hurts so bad. she was a little dog who relied on me quite a bit. she was 14 1/2 and died of Chronic Heart Failure. i’m just so broken x

  57. Bella passed 3 weeks ago today. She was 15 and had several significant health issues and it was time for her to rest. For the past year or so, especially the pay few months, she required more hands on care. This meant more closely monitoring her movements. And like you said, we created a strict schedule for all her medications. All of a sudden that stopped. What I nurtured and took care of for 8 years is suddenly gone. And what do I do now. I’ve been lost for 3 weeks. Recently 2 friends each lost am adult child so I feel ashamed to be this grieved compared to their circumstances (I don’t have kids, I have furbabies).

  58. My 32 year old horse, Copper, passed away on Wednesday.  I’ve lost other pets and they were emotional, but this one has hit me hard!  As if I’d lost a family member!  I’ve had him for 25 years and not only did we compete together, he was my companion, my therapist, my world. When I found him, my world crumbled!  I will miss the soft nickers I would hear coming down to the barn and the morning nozzles and butterfly kisses he’d give to get a peppermint or ginger snap cookies

  59. My K.C. Was the smartest, cutest, and lovingest dog ever. At least in our minds he was. This ruby King Charles was a Christmas Gift 8 1/2 years ago and gave us joy every day since. He matched up well with Chloe, my wife’s King Charles gotten 4 years prior. He had a toy basket with about twenty toys and would pick each one out when asked for by name. I am handicapped and retired, so I was with him basically always. He rode with me every day to get lunch and would always talk me into getting him cookies or ice cream. (My wife doesn’t believe that). He was with me until bedtime every night and there every morning while I showered, got dressed and went downstairs. He had favorite commercials to bark at the dogs which we can hardly watch now. He laid on my lap all day long and if you asked him for a hug, he would stand up and wrap his front paws around your neck and hug you. That cheered you up immediately. He was always by the table to be sure he helped you clean up any scraps that you would “accidentally” drop. He would always start out in his bed beside ours, but always seemed to be under our covers in the morning. Pretty smart to be that sneaky. We found out about a year ago that their heart murmurs were getting worse, so we put both on medication. We kept a close look, but they continuously went down hill and KC started having fainting spells. Chloe started being incontinent as well. KC became more lethargic and losing some eyesight. Both would just stand and stare and look confused. We finally had to make the decision to put them down. Even though it was a calm experience at the vet, I’ll never forget KC sleeping so soundly on my lap and Chloe snuggling up to my wife also sound asleep. I can’t seem to stop seeing him like this and I’m an emotional disaster. I feel embarrassed about crying all the time with each reminder we see or hear. I just know we will never forget either one of them.

    • NEVER feel embarrassed for mourning your fur baby!! They are your children as well as your human children are. It’s good to mourn them. they were our sidekicks, bedbuddies, therapists, you name it!! You do what is necessary to get through this grieving part. I made a memory garden for my babies in my back yard.It’s where I go to talk to them. And its beautiful and colorful. Something like that may help? It was cathartic for me to make it. It helped me to grieve and speak to them as I did it. I sure hope this helps you and your wife!! Time does help make it easier. Hugs to you both.

  60. I had two Dachshunds.  I got George when he was a couple months old.   I went through a divorce so it was just George and I.  I decided George needed a brother, so I got Jack, a little less than a year later. They were only a few months apart.   Oh the antics of a Dachshund!   They were my bestest buddies.  George was usually Mr Independent. Off on his own.  Jack was always by me.  If I was at the craft table, they’d be laying together by my feet.  If Jack wasn’t in my lap, he and George would be together.  I got George in 2006.  I got Jack in 2007.  

    July 2018 we were at the dog park.  They are something and had swallowed it before I could get to them.  The next day they started getting sick.  Sunday night,Jack took a turn for the worse.  I was up with him all night.  430 Monday morning he was still up walking around, but weak.  I was going to get him to the vet first thing in the morning.  730 in the morning, he couldn’t even raise his head.  A bout of diarrhea, all blood. I didn’t hesitate.  I rushed him to the vet.  She ran tests on him and said she could hook him up to iv’s, push fluids.  I asked if she could save him. She said, “ I don’t think so because his little body is shutting down.”   I made the choice of not putting him through anymore.  I held my baby Jack as she gave him the med form him to go to sleep.  I held him.  I kissed his little head and told him how much I loved him and how much joy he had brought me and how much George and I would miss him.  I kissed him one last time as he took a final breath, and my baby Jack was gone.   July 9th, 2018, my baby Jack left me.  

    October 19, 2018,George, who wasn’t so Mr Independent anymore, was always by my side, was sitting beside me and I was asking him if was ready for another brother.  I knew how much he missed Jack.  I could tell by how he acted.  He was mourning, just as I was.   We went to bed that night.  The next day, I woke up at 2pm.  I NEVER sleep that late.  George was ALWAYS barking, ready to go outside by 830-900am.  Not October 20, 2018.  I woke and found my George.  He had left me, too.  Not even four months since Jack left us.  I truly believe George died of a broken heart. He was missing his little buddy.  I held him and cried.  I held him so close because I didn’t get to tell him goodbye.  I kissed him and told him how much I loved him and how very much I already missed him.   

    George and Jack weren’t just my bestest buddies, they were bestest buddies on their own.  I have their picture right here beside me.  I talk to them every day.  I tell them goodnight every night and tell them how very much I miss them.  Losing them has put a hole in my heart.  Next month will be one year for Jack.  I don’t know how I’ll make it through the day.  

    This just hurts.   

  61. I had a 12 yr old Bassett hound who spent 10 of those yrs with me. I rescued her, but she truly rescued me too. During my time with my Sally I went through many difficult times. It was her love and companionship that got me through each time.

    9 months ago I had to make the most difficult decision of my life and put her down. I stayed by her side until she took her last breath, just as she had been by my side whenever I needed her through all the years. There isn’t a day that goes by even now that I don’t think of her. I miss her terribly., and I suspect I will for many years to come.

    She was so much more than a dog, she was my best friend, confidante and shoulder to cry on. We drove across Canada 3 times together…Just me and Sally.

    I live with my daughter now and her family. They have a dog and a cat, yet I cannot let myself get close to them. I had Sally cremated and have her ashes next to my bed. I say goodnight to her everyday and tell her how much I love and miss her. I’m pretty sure people think I’m crazy.

  62. I lost my beloved companion 2 months ago. It seems like yesterday . Having to make the final decision. It just replays in my mind …mostly at night when my kitty, Callie would jump in bed with me. It’s so lonely. I still look for her running to the door when I would come in the house and call her. Just so lonely in this house now. I still look for her in her favorite places. The day to day living is the hardest part.


  63. We had Max our Beautiful boy for 17 years. This past Sunday we had to let him go!! The pain is undeniable or indescribable it hurts so bad! We all look for him in his favorite places, waiting to be fed, cyo be cuddled and loved… its grieiving, its missing the unconditional love he had for us as we did for him…❤❤

  64. It’s not easy to lose a beloved fur baby one year ago we lost a fur baby we bottle fed from the time he was 3 days old. Sadly he passed due to grand maul seizures. I still cry for him to this day

  65. I just had an outburst of crying because my dog died in my living room and let out a screech just prior to dying. I sit in the living room and this memory just keeps returning and I live it over again. I thought of changing the room around but I can’t enough. To erase the memory. My Daisy was my shadow for 14 years. I would turn to let her in the door too as I went through. I finally stopped turning to do this but I still feel like she’s there. At least Now I cry less but still miss her, I look at her urn thing and say good morning. I have come along way from how I was. I can go a day without a thought but hen again there will be something that triggers a thought on. I still love that dog and miss her. It’s been a year in May.

  66. I lost my husband in July. K.C. my beautiful siamese died 12 days later. How I loved that cat, for 16 years she slept at the foot of my bed, when I did my yard work she was right there beside me, we would play with the long grass.
    In January, when I was feeling the loss of my husband on his 81st birthday, I was bathing my little pomeranian, Taz, she had been sick, but after a trip to the vet, she was feeling so much better. I thought a nice bath and blow dry would be nice. It was not. She just fell over and died. I lay down on my bed with TAZ and cried. All this happened in a six month period. I don’t know what I did so bad, that I lost everything I loved. TAZ would snuggle between my husband and myself at night and get just as close to both of us as possible.

  67. We have shared our lives with many fur babies of many varieties. Each one left a hole in our hearts as their lives here on earth came to a close. The hardest loss, by far, was saying goodbye to my Guinea pig, Lily. I adopted her from a family who truly loved her, but couldn’t keep her because of allergies. I am a 58 year old woman with grown children, and I have cared for all of the family pets as they have cone and gone. Lily was the first pet I could call “my own”. We were great companions. I only had her for a couple of years, but in that short time we grew to love each other very much.  Sadly, she developed congestive heart failure and I had to make the hard decision to euthanize her. I held her in my arms, a grown woman sobbing over a rodent, and when I looked in her eyes, and saw the plea for suffering to end, I thanked her for being a part of my life, and let her go with a kiss and a promise that we would see each other again. I had Lily cremated and her ashes returned. She rests in a special garden that bears her name. You may shake your head that I would go to so much trouble and expense for a Guinea pig.  My husband, who is very practical, didn’t question my motives once. To us, Lily was family. 

  68. We lost my 6 year old yellow lab mix (Bumble) 1 week ago. He was goofy and amazingly lovable, he was a rescue that had a horrible first year of life. He was a lot of work in the beginning but we found an amazing trainer that was able to help us understand each other. My family is heartbroken including my other 2 dogs. Just feel lost without him, it seems so unfair that after overcoming so many obstacles (Abuse&Poison) that his life was cut short by cancer.

  69. I lost my beloved best furry friend Molly almost 2 months ago, she turned 11 this year, we went for walks every day, she slept on the bed, was so hard losing her, I wandered what I could go to ease the pain. It finally came to me to take a favorite picture I had of her and put it on a key chain, and that way she could still go every where I do, and for me that has helped me for the sadness I had in losing her, I still have hard days, but then I look at the key chain and it brings a smile to my face.

  70. Thank you for this article…a FB friend sent it to me. I lived next door to my mom for 10 years and we shared our beloved rescue dog Lucy. Mom passed on 9/22/19 and Lucy began exhibiting symptoms. After a month of treatments & medications an MRI revealed an inoperable tumor on her spine and I had to say goodbye to her immediately without her ever coming out of anesthesia. The grief was so overwhelming I couldn’t work and when I finally went back to work I got fired because I had taken so much time off caring for my mother the last year of her life. Being at home without my Lucy is still excruciating. Pulling in and being alone is tough. She was my sweet soul mate. I got my job back and am starting to recover but I really appreciate hearing someone say out loud that this grief is deeper than people realize.

  71. I’ve lost several of my Rescued babies! Each one leaves me with such a broken heart! But, to know that they knew unconditional love and affection before leaving this world makes all of the difference to me! I’m about to lose another one soon to cancer! I just love my Brody Bear every day and tell him how much he is just Soo Loved and cherished!

  72. My family lost our Ottis this year snd it was so hard on all of us. It’s been months but we still misss him dearly. He loved to just s uggle right where you were and sometimes it was annoying but that’s how he expressed his love for us.. He was a borrower so he’d borrow u der thr the covers and scoot right next to you. Always givings kisses and always wanted to be on your lap. He loved running in the field and loved his little football. We got to spend 12 years with him and we wanted more for he was the perfect family dog. Ottis we will always LOVE you. Please eatch over Us!!! We will see you again someday for we know you are in Heaven enjoying being you and not in anymore pain. We did everything we could to make you as comfotable as possible before you passed for we knew that your time was coming we didnt want to see you go. When we woke up and seen that you had passed in the middle of the night we were devastated and we still are!

  73. Thankyou for writing this.  I lost my baby Izzy when she was 18 months to spinal meningitis and that was three years ago.  The pain still resonates with me as if it was yesterday.  She was so sweet and young.  She had the best cuddles and liked to crawl under my sweatshirt to keep warm. She will be forever missed.

  74. Sadie got very sick in April 2018 I tried everything to get her better, but nothing worked and had to put her to sleep. She’s been gone 14 months and I still miss her every day. She was my best friend, my travel companion and my four legged daughter. She was the sweetest little girl and I was so lucky to have her and I know that one day we will be together again. I have been asking her that she needs to send me another dog when she he feels it’s time.

  75. Winnie…my sweet sweet kitty! Died super unexpectedly this January and I still cry for her randomly. My other kitty is still missing her terribly also. 10 years wasn’t even close to enough time. I love you so much Winnie and I can’t wait to hold you again. 

  76. We are getting close to making end of life decision for our girl. 6 1/2 years old with cancer in her leg. We’ve done this before but it hurts in a new way since my significant other also is dealing with cancer.

  77. My husband had a heart attack on May 17, 2019. On May 20, 2019 just 3 days later my little fur baby Riley crossed the rainbow bridge. She was just about to turn 12. My husband is fine now but we haven’t had the heart to remove any of her toys. I am crying as I write this because I am so devastated. She was the best pup ever. Never had one accident in the house. She loved everyone. I have a 2 year old grandson who asks about her all the time. We tell him she is in heaven with great grandpa but he just doesn’t understand. They were best friends. He tells us to go get Riley and boy I sure wish we could. 

  78. We lost our precious Raven unexpectedly this past Sunday night. Here one day and gone the next. Beautiful and in excellent condition she was the sweetest lab pit mix and only 8 years old. Just as the article says she was the first and last thing we thought of everyday besides each other and the house is so quiet we don’t even want to be here. We’re just crushed……

  79. We lost our beloved lab-retriever Jackson on 6/3/19. 
    He was suffering from nasal cancer. He was 13.5 years old. We are devastated and grief stricken. We did all we could for him but in the end his last 4 evenings were very difficult for him. He passed peacefully in one of his favorite spots in the yard by the pool. We miss his bark, his smile, greeting us at the door and snuggles. Life will never be the same. Don’t think we can get another dog. It’s too painful. 
    Thanks for your article. I know we are not alone in our grief. 

  80. we lost our best friend chico…was our little cuddler..

  81. This article was written a day after having to make the worst decision of my family’s life. Our Barrett , who was GSD/ Husky & 7.5 years old nipped our son . Knowing his hx we knew the next time it would be worse. He was such a good boy with our son for the last 21 months. He never showed my husband any signs. Rehoming him was not an option with his past & he did not deserve to be a “gaurd dog” . He was our spoiled , loved and protective baby. Our first child. And we lost him due to his nature. Some dogs just don’t get it. They can’t correct a child like they would a member of there pack. And he would cry when we would pick him up after staying at any kennel no matter how long or short. So a shelter was not an option. I’m sick over this whole situation. You hear about dogs attacking children out of no where . But you don’t ever hear if there was a warning nip first. So we did what we felt was best for all involve and it was the worst single action I will ever have to make. I feel the loss & the guilt. I know those who knew and loved him understand. I know in my heart it was the best choice when all options are awful. But I will miss this soul until my dying day. I will fight to over socialize and educate any future pup. I pray others read this and know how important obedience & socialization is ! If you think your dog is socialized well do more. Never stop and never take your eyes off of your pup. 

  82. Just came across this article on Facebook, boy did it set me off. Yup for sure!!! Worse then losing a person. Sorry!!!  Listen here, After giving this a lot  of thought as to how could this be??? I’ll tell you how, and only someone who has had a pet where there was a special bond with can understand. You sometimes get your fur baby as young as 2, 3 months. You are like their mother. Hey, Ricky was about 1.5 lbs when he came off of a cargo plane from the state of Washington at 12 weeks old when they handed me this carrying case with a little ball of fur in the corner. Crazy when I think about it now.,
    . You are all they have in this world. They depend totally on you. The love and appreciation you get from these little creatures is sometimes unreal! There were times after I fed Ricky he would come over to me, look up at me, I would pick him up and he would kiss me right on my mouth take his little head and nuzzle it under my chin into my neck. They don’t speak but they sure do show their appreciation and love their own way. Their loyalty is indescribable. This is probably and hopefully as close as you will come to losing a child. Do I sound crazy? Sorry I do not think so.  When you are home with them they wake up with you in the morning, sit and wait for you to be finished in the bathroom to follow you downstairs, when they get older and can’t do those steps anymore they need you to carry them down.  They follow you from room to room during the day. they greet you at that door every time. So happy to see you. Comes the night time, they follow you up, and again when they cannot do those steps on their own you carry them up. I can go on and on. All I can say is, after all the precious time with your fur baby and at the end of that day it really sucks having to make that dreaded decision.  LuLu  Ricky

  83. Watson was 18. He was a calm and gentle soul but if pushed he would stick up for himself. He was my buddy, my kitten. He died of a lung tumor. We moved to Florida and always wanted to take him to the beach bc he loved playing in water. We did and it was the best day of his life. He was so happy. Went right into the ocean. Sat on the dunes in the sun. The next day was too rough to take him back but we have a throw rug that looks like breaking surf. He looked at it, recognized and stayed there in the sun for a long,  long time. He knew what it was. Its been 7 months and I miss him everyday. He was my friend. 

  84. A really good friend of mine has to put down the family pet due to metastatic cancer this weekend. This fur baby is one of the last ties/connections for her & her kiddos to their dad/spouse who recently passed away due to complications after a MVA. Luckily I have a connection that may help this family with securing another fur baby of the same breed. 

    My heart aches for them and this great loss on several different levels. Thank you for posting this article. 

  85. My baby girl, Sasha ( Yorkie) passed a year ago this past April. It devastated me! I had her since she was so tiny. When I first got her I worked 3rd shift and took her to work with me to potty train her. My men would rush to beat each other to her to take her out. Lol oily airplane mechanics with a tiny hot pink leash and a teeny tiny puppy walking through the hangar!! It was one of my favorite memories. My baby Charlotte is her only daughter. I’ve had her almost 4 years. The day she and her brothers were born I helped deliver them. I barely slept for fear something would happen to Sasha overnight having the babies. I swear every hour I was up checking her! The I had a massive surgery last year and she was on her 2nd pregnancy. Lord I wish I had never allowed it. But we were so excited. I came home and ended up with double pneumonia, back in the hospital for 4 days. She held those puppies til I got home. Then she went in labor. All night long nothing happened. We watched for what the vet said and tried not to worry. But I worried. She’s my baby,right? The next morning I knew something wasnt right. We rushed her to the emergency vet. On the way there i could see in her eyes she was going and I just cried. I told her ” Sasha Bear, Mamas here baby. I love you and it’s ok ” we no sooner got her in the vets hands and she had a heart attack. They worked on her for 10 mins but in the end we lost her and the babies. I lost it, my husband lost it. My kids were heartbroken. My little pup, Charlotte went into a deep depression. They took care of her. wrapping her up and placing her into a beautiful box for burial. I even got her footprints done that day. It took about 2 weeks before I would look at them. Now they are proudly displayed in my living room. To this day I miss her so much and some days it feels like it was yesterday but for the most part I’m ok. It helped me to make a memorial garden in my back yard for my lost pets and to place statues out there for each one. I hope this story helps others. Mommy loves you Sasha Bear.

  86. I just lost my Sharpei , Cookie. She was 6. She and her 3 yr old daughter broke thru a picket in the fence Monday. We found Sophie 12.5 hrs later laying on the side of the road exhausted. Sadly COOKIE didn’t make it home. She was found deceased the next morning. I am so lost. I love Sophie but COOKIE was my heart. She needs me and I need hear now. I will learn to love her like I did COOKIE. I hope it get easier each day. Right now..its awful.

  87. Beautiful article. It will be a year in July that my Baby Jazzy died (Yorkie). I miss him so much!!!! Loved our walks every day, playing ball or just relaxing . He was the best.

  88. This past winter I lost 3 of my beloved cats. The first was my Tyler after going in for dental surgery he was found to have an enlarged heart…he died 4 weeks later at 12 years old. He was my sleep buddy and the biggest lump of love you could imagine. He laid again my back every night while I slept. My pretty girl who was 20 years old spent 7 months in kidney failure….a week after Tyler died my girl went with him to the rainbow bridge. She was my companion and comfort for 20 years…she is so sadly missed and not a day goes by that I don’t wish for another moment with her. A month after that my 14 year old cat Little kitty was found to have mouth cancer…it became hard for her to eat and 4 weeks later she also went to the rainbow bridge…she was always a little shy but loved the dog and didn’t have a mean bone in her body…she use to love watermelon. Now sadly my 13 year old dog is in comfort care with heart problems and old age….His name is Raz….he loves me so much and has been a loyal friend…It will be a very sad when he leaves us to join his brother and sisters….at least I know they all knew love and I did the best I could….till we meet again at the rainbow bridge…xoxoxox mom

  89. I lost the best friend I ever had and my heart dog on June 6,2019. After a most unexpected brief and hopeless illness. I am shattered. Reading the comments here detailing everyone’s pain is breaking my heart. I’ve found the word of a great poet somewhat comforting and I share them here:

    What though the radiance 
    which was once so bright 
    Be now forever taken from my sight

    Though nothing can bring back the hour 
    Of the splendor in the grass
    Or the glory in the flower

    We grieve not, rather find
    Strength in what remains behind

    – William Wordsworth  1770-1850

    Peace to all my fellow sufferers on our shared journey.
    Rest eternal to our beloved friends . We will
    All meet, again. 

  90. Kona was the king of our world. A big Rag Doll cat, we got from the SPCA as a baby. He would go to bed with my husband every night, staying till Bruce was asleep. Then he would come back out to find me, hanging out until the bedtime snack. He had lunch today, then about half hour after, started breathing in distress. I’m five minutes from the vet … he did not make it, his valiant heart stopped. OMG…so heart broken…

  91. Just lost my 12 year old Fearghus (Newfoundland) last week. I am heartbroken. He was my prince.

  92. My sweet Bella bear.  She was 13 y/o.  She left us on May 16th (congestive heart failure).  She had difficulty breathing but the day before especially when I found out why.  She was spoiled as a pup that my daughter brought home because she was the prettiest girl ever but because my daughter didn’t understand the responsibility which comes with them, I inherited her.  I had many pleasant years with her which I’m thankful for.  She was always energetic, happy & loving.  Never hurt a fly.  She went thru a depression herself when my German Shepherd Zoe passed.  Her buddy that grew up with her, Bruno was depressed for a little while also but seems fine now.  I miss her everyday.  

  93. My true friend Teddy died of heart failure at 12 years old. He was my constant companion and I loved him with all of my heart. It’s been two months now and My heart still aches. I don’t think anyone understands how much he meant to me.  I loved him so much! Sad

  94. Just lost my baby boy Julian yesterday. He was rescued from being abused in a apartment building and I volunteered to take him in. He was kinda feral and did not like being picked up or petted much, but he was a good boy who loved chasing laser pointers, wiggling his butt when he was getting ready to pounce, and sitting in the window and smelling and watching the outside world. His age was unknown but the vet guessed he was prob under 2 years old. He had a polyp in his ear canal the had gotten big and started bleeding and the vet said it would probably be best to let him go before the pain got worse. I feel like I betrayed him and should have kept him for longer but he was also difficult to handle and would bite if you kept messing with him. I love you Julian, I only had 6 months with you but you left your paw prints on my heart and I can barely stand the pain and grief of losing you baby boy.

  95. I lost my best friend last night. Her name was Georgia. She was really my daughter’s dog but she stayed with me because of the prejudice against Staffordshire Terriers. I refuse to call her a pitbull. She was such a sweet dog that showed so much expression. She loved to play with her toy that looked like a chicken but sounded like a cow. She would play tug-of-war with her rope till we were both worn out. We found out she had cancer a few months ago and all we could do was keep her comfortable. I spoiled her so much. She loved braunschweiger and roast beef. She was okay up until a few days ago then I knew it was time. I laid on the floor with her and petted her until she would fall asleep. If I would stop she would turn around and give me such a sad look. She loved to lay out in the sun and she got to do that yesterday. She went to sleep one last time early this morning. I never thought I could get so attached to a dog. I’m glad to see I’m not alone.

  96. My boy Gabe rescued me and I he in 2007.  He was a biter we worked on that he had be mistreated he become happy and safe.  We protected each other until I married our bff.  Then Gabe knew Carl was the alpha and we were safe and loved.  
    We were always hip on hip if he slept in the nook of my knee waiting inside the back doorway to greet me when Ive been gone.  He was always so silly and loving he was my one he stole my heart and I his.  I had his unconditional love and he knew I would  always protect him.  I took care of him when he became diabetic gave him proper nutrition and two shots a day.  Kept him going happy and healthy for 4 years.  He became blind and I became his seeing eyed person He was so smart took paths in our large yard he always felt safe.  
    He made me giggle, smile and pray that he would always be with me.  
    One day I knew he was staying for me when he got really sick.  I told him I loved him and God had a nice place for him and I would be there one day with him.  So he went and my life has not been the same nor do I have that happy light and my heart is broken.  
    You left me October 1, 2018 and I miss you every minute of every day.  When the time to go to bed alarm rings I bark like used to or when the  sirens go down the street I howl sing pretty like you used to and tell you I love you every night.  You were the best pup ever.

  97. My dog Moses was a brown Spoodle 41/2 years old .he was hit by a car in front of me and the person did not stop. He died within in a couple of minutes, he was always happy. I treat my fur babies like my children, I feel I won’t be able to get over it, I miss him so so much, the house is quiet, I don’t want to go home after work, I have a couple of friends who understand what I am going through, and some who think I am weird and think I should be over it, it has only been a week. My heart aches, I cry often when I think of him. I have only just started eating. 

  98.  I had my boxer put down two weeks ago for congestive heart failure! My husband works out of town and only home 6 days a month I am struggling with the loss it is horrible! I am lost I come home he isn’t there I get up he isn’t there I have to go to bed without my precious baby it hasn’t gotten better I don’t think it will! My dogs love was unconditional and I could just die! My heart is totally broken! I done a memorial table at my house with his ashes and was hoping this would help my healing process but I still cry continuously when I get home everyday! How do you heal from this devastating situation?

  99. My sweet Bella left us yesterday. I cant even describe the pain and loss I feel. I am desperate to hold her one more time. She was my joy, my comfort, my peace my sanctuary when times were rough. She made me laugh everyday. She had hemangiosarcoma, a cancer of the blood vessels. Her tumor was in her thigh. She was 6.5 years old. I seriously dont know how I’m going to get over her loss. This is the first pet I’ve had to put down and its destroyed me. She was happy and playful til the end. Then the tumor rupture and she just couldnt walk and I knew it was time. My pain doesnt subside even for a minute. I miss her so much.

  100. We recently lost one that was SO connected to every member of the family, us, our daughter, our other six dogs. We all still wonder ‘shouldn’t Lucy be here?’ and then I can see it ripple through the ‘crowd’.. oh yes, she died 🙁 I was a wreck at work and no one understood, at all.

  101. My Mr. Slick was 19 years old. He had been diagnosed with renal failure and put on sub-q fluids 6 years ago. I gave him is fluids daily like clockwork and most of the time he was patient with the process. When I was a kid, our indoor/outdoor cats never made it 6 years of age. So Mr. Slick lived 3 lifetimes compared to cats I love from my childhood. The sub-q fluids helped him live a whole extra life. I knew he was going a couple of months ago when his behavior patterns began to change but it still hurt so badly the day he left. I found him on collapsed on the bathroom floor, still but breathing. When I touched him, he cried out loud — something he never did, he was the quietest cat I have ever known. I picked him up in a towel and sat on a chair with him in my arms and he stretched his little head back and took one last breath. He had waiting for me to find him before he went. He was going without me there, without saying goodbye, without one more moment of sharing our love. I panicked and rushed him to the hospital but he was, of course, gone. No heartbeat. They let me sit in a private “sorrow room” with him for a while and kindly never sent me a bill. Caring for him was the greatest honor of my entire life and when I come home now, I am painfully aware that there is no love or joy to greet me at the door, no fuzzy little guy to cuddle when I go to bed, no one to sit with me on the couch while I watch TV. Oddly, Mr. Slick only purred about five times his entire life, so the silence here is normal but it isn’t the silence that’s missing — it’s the love and companionship. I never say “I loved you” when I lose a pet because my love did not die, only my pet’s body. I always say, “I love you” because I still do. I did not say goodbye when I let the hospital take him to send him for cremation, I said what I always do when my pet has passed — “Till we meet again”. And with everything I am, I hope we do. RIP Mr. Slick. I love you. Till we meet again.

  102. I lost my sweet 7 month old miniature schnauzer, Cooper, 2 weeks ago to renal dysplasia.  It was devastating especially since we lost our 14 year old miniature pincher, Tobie, 13 months ago to kidney failure.  It took me 9 months to decide to get another fur baby and now I’ve lost him at 7 months.  My heart is definitely broken….. 

  103. My sweet angel Blazer crosses the rainbow bridge on June 8, 2019. He was my absolute best friend and I am still completely heart broken. Blazer was the most loving, gentle boy I’ve ever seen. He was a Golden Retriever so he was beautiful, but his soul was the most beautiful thing about him. He was beside me through breast cancer, a broken marriage and bouts of migraines and depression and so many other things. He loved me no matter what and I could never repay him for his love and devotion.

  104. When I met my husband, he had two puppies (brothers) – Buck and Rolo. They were ornery and had crazy energy but they LOVED us so completely. After we got married, I wanted to get another pup, so we picked out a sweet pup at the animal shelter and brought her home to her big brothers – our June. Those dogs were amazing. They were all so different and unique – we were such an awesome family unit. A bit later we began fostering pups and kittens and they where the best foster siblings! We had our first baby a year after that… A few more years after we moved out in to the country, we added another baby. And they grew and aged with us and our growing family. Rolo had always been a tad weaker and incredibly sensitive. He went from being perfectly healthy one morning to dying that night in my husband’s arms – our vet suspects his heart just gave out… I think his heart honestly outgrew his earthly body. His poor brother, who had never known life without him was so lost. But he was still so eager to please us and be with us all the time that it made the loss almost bearable. Six months later, Buck’s body just began to wear out – he dragged his back leg due to some undiagnosable neurological issue while gimping on his arthritic front legs. He could barely get around, but he was still so happy to be with us. A few months more and one day he just couldn’t get up. He had developed a mass in his abdomen but was too weak for surgery. He had run out of options. The worst part was choosing for him to be done suffering versus letting him go on his own… He wanted so badly to be better and stay with us, but his body was just done. We were devastated, but we still had our June. She had always been more of the third wheel so we didn’t realize how badly losing her second brother would be for her. She had never had a single health issue in her 9 years, and we often joked that she would live forever. But she was never the same after Buck died. And 3 months after that, we woke up to find her unable to get up off the floor, surrounded by drool and urine. Vet specialists ran all kinds of tests and found no real cause but she never again was able to get up. She began having seizures that night and our vet came to our home and we said goodbye to our last dog. Three dogs who had been with us through our whole relationship – dating, married, moving, new jobs, kids… And within a year we’d lost all three. Heart-broken doesn’t begin to describe it. They were so much a part of us on every level. We lost pieces of ourselves that we’ll never get back. It’s been four years and I still get so emotional every time I think about them. We have two new brothers who are amazingly wonderful dogs and are just as much a part of our family as our first three, but they’re not replacements because each of our dogs was/is irreplaceable.

    I remember saying I never wanted another dog again because losing them was so devastating… But not being dog people eventually grew to be too much. I was sad all the time and bitter about fostering and watching dogs of family and friends when I didn’t have any of my own. So eventually I nervously caved. Billee and Kylo bring so much fullness to our family, and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. But I am already dreading the day when I will have to say goodbye to them, too.

  105. I lost my precious girl 7-12-19. It kills me every day that she is not here with me. Her and I were besties till the end. Losing her was worst than losing my parents. I miss her every second of the day. People ask if I’m gonna get another dog…… I say no… never again. The heartache I have every day is so emotional. My only wish is that other folks would get it… losing a pet is heartbreaking and it takes time!

  106. My cat died on November 25 it hurt me so bad she was 18 years people say u will get over it but u dont