New Blackout Curtains Unlike Any Other

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You may already own some blackout curtains, but I bet they are nothing like these new ones! These blackout curtains will create amazing pictures and designs for you to enjoy.

Blackout Curtains
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New Blackout Curtains

These new curtains are called HoleRolls and will simply amaze you. They have tiny little holes all over them, that when the light hits it, it will show you a spectacular design. The holes are the right size to let only enough light in to let you see the picture.

Not only will the holes create a picture on the curtains, but they will also reflect that light onto anything the light reaches, including the bed, floor, wall, ceiling, etc.

Other Features

There are a variety of landscapes and designs to choose from with these blackout curtains, so choose your favorite landscape and enjoy seeing it every single day!

These curtains have a roller design, so you can simply pull them down whenever you want to use them. They are a high-quality material that has a 0% light transmission on all the curtain beside the holes. This is to make sure that you have optimal darkness surrounding the design.

Not only does it have high-quality material, but it is also coated in anti-static and dust-proof substance. The back of the curtain is glossy white to avoid any heat transferred to your home from the sun.

You get to design your own curtains yourself by choosing the height and width along with the size of the control chain. You also have the option to choose your landscape, the color of the accessories, and the type of roller blind.

If you would prefer a starry night sky over a landscape, they have that option available for you as well! They have made these curtains with everyone in mind.

These new blackout curtains will impress anyone who comes over to your house. They will lighten up your room and give you happiness.

You Can Purchase These Blackout Curtains HERE!

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