Most Cats Are Psychopaths According to New Research

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Are you a cat owner? Do your cats drive you crazy? Well, according to some new research, most cats are psychopaths! Do you agree?

There was some research done at the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moors University to see if cats really are psychopaths. These researchers took a survey to see how psychotic cats are, and the answer was very!

You can find the results of this study in the December issue of the Journal of Research in Personality. These results show that almost all cats are on the psychopath spectrum, according to their checklist of behaviors.

549 cat owners took this survey. Some questions talked about how loud their cats are for no reason, if their cats acted guilty, or if their cats run around randomly. The researchers also checked how friendly their cats were as well. If any of the cats did in fact do those three things they were considered psycho!

The survey questions are created to measure how bold, mean, and disinhibit. Those three traits are used to find psychopathy in humans.

Check out the full study here.

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