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Should Schools Fine Parents of a Bully

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What responsibility do parents have of a bully child? Do you believe they should be ticketed and forced to pay a fine? One school district says yes.

Speaking of fining parents, if you smoke in a car with a child in it there are lots of states who will be more than happy to write you a ticket. Now, onto bullying and an idea about how to stop it.

School District Votes To Fine Parents Of Bully Kids

Should Schools Fine Parents of a Bully?

Surely parents who are doing their best to raise loving, respectful adults would almost certainly take action immediately if they found out their child was a bully.

Unfortunately, there are parents who won’t. They either aren’t involved in what’s happening at school or simply don’t care. In a world as big as this one, we all know that’s the sad truth.

With this in mind, the City Council in Wisconsin Rapids voted 5-1 to implement a new anti-bullying ordinance that promises to drop a hefty fine in the laps of parents who don’t act to rein in their kids.

Taking their cue from two other cities in Wisconsin who have passed the same type of ordinance, the city council in Wisconsin Rapids wants to draw a hard line with parents who let bullying continue without any intervention.

Why Wisconsin Rapids is taking this stand now.

A 7th-grade girl received handwritten notes from students calling her names and encouraging her to commit suicide. The mom of one of the girl’s friends posted about it on Facebook and it blew up on social media.

The onslaught of hate-filled notes told her she was fat and ugly and should go kill herself.

Despite being bombarded with the notes, the girl never told her parents. In fact, it was only after one of her friends told her own mother that the victim’s parents found out. Unfortunately, that’s the way it is most of the time. Kids keep the fact that they are being bullied quiet and don’t want their parents to know. (Learn more at

What the ordinance will do.

The ordinance prohibits bullying or harassment, prohibits retaliation against any person who reports bullying or harassment, and also holds parents and guardians responsible for such behavior of children younger than 18 years old.

It includes a penalty of $50 for a child’s first bullying offense but would total $313 once court costs are factored in. The parents would receive a written warning before a citation is issued.

The council also voted in support of graduated fines for continued violations. A second offense would cost parents $100 plus additional fees and a third would cost $250 plus fees.

The school administrators said if an incident of bullying is minor and staff believes the bully can learn from a conversation, that’s the path they will take.

Parents of a Bully will be fined

“It’s government begging you to raise your children.”

“It caused a shock factor,” Chief Dan Ault of the Plover Police Department, speaking about his own town’s ordinance. 

He continued, “Parents had to pay attention. They have to take it seriously because there’s a penalty. This isn’t government telling you how to raise your children. It’s government begging you to raise your children.”

He says it works in their community. “If parents pay for an item that their child breaks in a store then they should also be held responsible if their child is bullying other students.”

Signs your child might be a bully.

It’s difficult to come to the realization that your own son or daughter might be bullying kids. Ask yourself these questions.

Are they prone to get into physical or verbal fights?
Do they have friends who are bullies?
Can they be aggressive toward you or others?
How often are they sent to the principal’s office or to detention?
Have you noticed they have unexplained extra money or new stuff?
Is blaming others for problems pretty common for them?

What would you say to the parents of a bully?

Is fining parents the right way to address the problem?

Go to to learn more about bullies and what you can do if your child is the victim of a bully.

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It’s ridiculous that it has come to this. However, when these parents have to take money out of their own pockets they will finally take notice. Bravo. 

And the bullies need to be required to do community service as well as give an apology in front of all of the students of the school.

I applaud this action and encourage law makers to take action and make it law. Of course most brat like children have brat like parents that don’t care what their children do as long as they don’t bring it home. I have a son that could have been a serious bully due to his size but because of the way he was brought up he fights for the underprivileged and abused!

Not sure if this would work. I think guidance for the bully to take class on social etiquettes and or mandatory volunteering at children’s hospitals wards might be better option to teach those bullies compassion… but if a fine is paid that money needs to be donated to go to a good cause that will benefit ones in needs and not just go into someone pocket.

As sad as it sounds – this is pretty much what it has come to with some parents who are not ‘parenting’ or taking responsibility.  I say; GO FOR IT and make it nationwide!  I want my grandchildren and all children protected. 

Yes, fine the parent and give them and their parents community service.  The parents are just as responsible as their bullying children, because if they cared they could s control their behaviors. 

Fine im, fine um big, that will stop it in a hurry. Love it!!!

I think that if the child knew their parent would need to pay a fine it would increase the chance that they stopped the behaviour. I also think though, that the parents should be given the chance to deal with the situation before receiving a fine, and further communication needs to take place first and other options explored. Then if there is no improvement then yes a fine would be appropriate. It’s risky though as causing a family to become in further debt if they don’t have much of an income could cause the situation to worsen as stress at home may be a contributing factor to the reason the child is a bully in the first place. Other factors may need to be considered like if the child is being cared for properly or if there are issues at home, abuse, neglect etc.

This would be amazing here in Utah. With a child that has been bullied now for 4 years it couldn’t happen soon enough. The school FINALLY started to put the bullies ionic in-school suspension. Unfortunately, the last time that happened the bully’s friends retaliated and beat up my 5th grader so bad that the police were called and the kids had to go to court and got community service. This year it has started all over again but with a different group of kids. My son has now been so torn down by these students that he has started saying things like, “I wish I were dead” “I don’t have any friends and no one likes me” “I am worthless and bad” “I am ugly”. This breaks my heart and we tell him everyday how loved he is. We tried to switch him schools but none of the schools in our area would take him. 

If this came to our town I would really hope this would make a difference in our community. My heart breaks for the children being bullied and I do believe 100% that the parents should take responsibility for the actions of their children. If I were the parent of a bully I would be willing to take responsibility for sure. I will not allow my child to destroy another child, even if that meant taking a fine and getting the child community service! This state had an amazing idea! Hats off to them and a huge round of applause! 

This is a wonderful solution. Totally agree.