Pay Our Nurses and Teachers More Money!

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Nurses and teachers should be paid more. Full stop. They are absolutely critical to the success and health of our nation and we have to do better by them.

There is no shortage of memes shared about how much we love our nurses and teachers. That’s great. Truly it is. We should be vocal about how wonderful they are. Those memes, while well-meaning and thoughtful, don’t put food on the table. No matter your job, if you had a choice between a viral meme about how great your profession is and a raise, which are you going to choose?

Nurses And Teachers Are Changing The World, It's Time Their Paychecks Reflected That
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Nurses and Teachers Are Our Better Angels

I say let’s treat them like we know it. Let’s pay them what they’re worth, respect that their work hours are not meant to be endless, and that we simply cannot have a life well-lived without them.

To be blunt, a world with no teachers is a world full of dummies who don’t know why the sky is blue and the grass isn’t.

And a world without nurses? It’s a bleak place in which we miss out on the boundless compassion only a good nurse can offer.

Teachers should be paid more like professional athletes.

Not kidding. Say what you will, but for heaven’s sake, the NFL wouldn’t be the NFL had there not been teachers in the lives of players, managers, owners and on and on. They may have been born with undeniable talent, but they wouldn’t know how to sign their names on those big checks were it not for a long list of teachers who got them where they are.

That having been said, we all know that teaching is about way, way, WAY more than books and lesson plans. Teachers bring out the special little bits of ourselves we didn’t know existed. They have some manner of magic in their eyes which allows them to see our talents and strengths, all rough around the edges and unseen by the rest of the world, and then they help us see them, too.

If it weren’t for a teacher in 1st grade who told me that my story about becoming a tiny ant was great, I might not be typing this now. Tap dancing would probably have been my profession, based on how well I liked the sound of my Sunday shoes on my Mother’s pristine wood floors.

Not to oversell it, but Mrs. Bradley was right. That ant story would make you weep tears of joy. All 2 paragraphs of it.

Oh, and one more thing. All you homeschool teachers? God bless. Your sacrificial love for your kids is so admirable. Your children are sure blessed to have you and I hope they know it.

Nurses should be paid more like doctors.

Thank the Lord there are both doctors AND nurses. It’s great to have a doctor breeze in and tell you what’s going on with your body. It’s even better when the nurse comes in and tells you what the heck the doctor said.

Nurses are beside us in the happiest and saddest moments of our lives. They hold our hands as we bring a new life into the world. They hold our hands when the light of life dims and we say good-bye to someone we are certain we can’t live without.

There is no doubt whatsoever that when next we reach out our hand in need, a nurse will be there to hold it. Nurses aren’t paid a little more when they treat us with love. They do it because it’s who they are, not because they hope we’ll tip them.

Well, here’s my tip. Pay them what they’re worth and show them the same financial respect as doctors.

Nurses and teachers are so wonderful to us.

If you are a nurse or teacher, thank you. It’s not enough, I know. You deserve so much more than what you get back. Your job looks like some sort of magic to those of us you care for.

How can we be good to you? What do you want the world to know about your profession? Why did you choose the path you’re on? It’ll be exciting to read your comments.

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4 comments on “Pay Our Nurses and Teachers More Money!”

  1. Tammy Kennedy

    I am a nurse and I sooo appreciate what I just read . You are right we need paid what we are worth but regardless most of us would do it regardless. I believe most nurses are born GIVERS because that’s just what we do ! I am retired after 36 yrs and still continue to give and always will.

  2. I was born to be a teacher. I forced my sisters to be my students during the long summer months. My desire never wavered while I was in high school when my counselors told me “there is no money in teaching. You should go into business administration.” Well, I took that path for two years in college and was so depressed. When I finally realized that I should go with my dream to be in education, I have never looked back. I have been teaching for 30 years now, and still feel the joy of watching my students grow.

  3. I am a nurse and my daughter is a teacher!!  I have to say when my shift is over I am done. That does t mean I don’t have a concern about the patients I have left behind.  HOWEVER. My daughter spends many many hours after classes with her students. Many hours in prep before classes  grading papers and tests.  She spends her own money on supplies for classes and relies on the good charity of friends and family to support her and provide for class supplies that tax dollars don’t   All this for below poverty wage in NC

  4. I’m a special ed teacher and I work a side gig to help pay my bills. I’m a single parent. Please know that teachers are human too. We love your kid like he/she is our own. Give us the benefit of the doubt. Call us and ask questions before you escalate things to an administrator or the superintendent. Say thank you. In writing. On hard days, we go back to those notes. And I promise I won’t believe everything your kid says about you. You have to promise not to believe everything your kid says about me! 

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