Why I Don’t Post Photos of My Kids on Social Media

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Social media is a great tool to help family and friends stay in contact even if they are across the world. However, sometimes, it may not always be best to post photos of your child for safety reasons. Here is what one mom shared about why she doesn’t post photos on her kids on social media.

Safety Precaution

Social Media Photos of My Child

You can learn so much about someone in such a little amount of time from simply looking them up on Facebook, Instagram, etc…. Too often people will share where they are every time they post a picture or share an update.

Why I Don’t Post Photos of My Kids on Social Media

When you share your location, you are endangering your kids. Even if you are private, you never know who could be watching and seeing where you are whenever you go to the park or get some food.

Child’s Permission

My little one is not old enough to give me permission to post about her. What if she doesn’t want me to share those embarrassing but cute stories with everyone she knows?

If I started sharing her life as soon as she was born, when she finally reached an age where she can understand, everyone would already expect her to be someone who maybe she doesn’t want to be anymore.

Just like with everything else, I don’t feel comfortable sharing about my kid on social media until I can have her full support and permission.

Constantly Changing

As she grows up, her opinions and actions will constantly be changing. I do not know who she is yet. She could become a teenager and wish I had made an account with tons of followers for her. Or, she could be thrilled to learn that there are no embarrassing pictures or stories of her out there.

If I shared how she wanted to become a doctor at age 3, then everyone would expect that of her, even if she changed her mind. She will constantly be changing, and I don’t want to limit her by other people’s expectations.

However, just because I choose not to post photos of my kids on social media, that doesn’t mean that I won’t take pictures of enjoying the moments of her growing up. I will definitely be that mom that takes the first day of school pictures. I just won’t share the teacher’s name, grade, and school.

Even if I don’t share on social media, it does not mean I judge you. I am perfectly fine with whatever decision you choose to make for your children. It is not wrong to post pictures of your child. This is just my personal choice, and it is not tied to anyone else’s.

When my daughter grows up and wants to post about her life, you bet I will be the first to like and comment on them all.

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