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Pigs in a Snail Shell – Snail Hot Dogs

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My boys love pigs in a blanket and we thought it would be fun to change it up a bit making these Pigs in a Snail Shell! These Snail Hot Dogs are very easy to make and gives the kids something fun and different for lunch.

Snail Hot Dogs

Pigs in a Snail Shell

Hot Dogs
1 Pkg of Pillsbury Crescent Rolls
1 Slice of Provolone (or any white cheese
Pretzel Sticks

Heat the oven to 375. Open the hot dog and cut slices close together leaving the edge uncut on half of the hot dog. Open your crescents & cut the triangles in 3 strips. Take the 3 strips and press them together at the ends forming a long strip. Start wrapping the hot dog with the croissant strip in the middle of the hot dog working down the cut side. Bend the covered hot dog around to the center (this is why you cut the slits). Take the extra crescent strip and wrap around the middle of the hot dog to secure. Then wrap it around the top forming a spiral circle (to look like a shell). This will all be done using that same long croissant strip. If you do not have enough on your strip..just do the same with other crescents and press together.

Bake for 10 – 15 minutes or until lightly browned.

We made the eyes by cutting small circles from white cheese and cut a raisin in half for the pupils. We broke the ends of pretzel sticks to make the antennas.

My boys really loved these and I am sure we will make these often!

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These are so fun! What great kid food!

I am awed and inspired by your creativity. Your boys must have such a great time helping out and waiting to see what amazing food art you will create next. I am passing on the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award to you. You can find out about it in this post. You are under no obligation to accept it. I just wanted to recognize you.

Now that is cute!

Such FUN!! May try these with my granddaughters.

Such FUN!! May try these with my granddaughters.

These are super cute!


My son WILL love these; especially the fact that it looks like a snail. 🙂

These are way cuter than the traditional pigs in a blanket. I'd love it if you stopped by my link party to share these.

thanks for sharing.

What a fun spin on Pigs in a Blanket. My daughter would love these.


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