Quickly Cure Your Vertigo Starting Right Now

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Do you have vertigo a lot? I’m going to offer up some things you can do that may help get you walking a straight line again.

Remember when you were little and loved twirling around in circles until you got so dizzy you fell down? Me, too. That feeling, the giddy lightheadedness and the sloshing tummy, would make me sick to my stomach if I did it right now. But boy oh boy, back then it was pure joy.

Darn it, we’re all adults now so we had to grow up and stop such things. The days of falling down in dizzy giggles with your best friends have been replaced by “adulting” at home alone with vertigo.

Quickly Cure Your Vertigo Starting Right Now

Kids say dizzy. Grown-ups say vertigo.

One of the worst feelings in the world, to my mind anyway, is feeling like your body is playing by its own rules. Feeling dizzy is downright unsettling, not to mention frustrating and scary when it hangs on too long. You can’t read, walk, or drive. It’s debilitating in many cases.

Dr. Carol Foster is the Director of the Balance Laboratory at the University of Colorado Hospital. She is an Otolaryngologist by specialty (ENT) and as such, has made it her business to figure out ways to help her patients with vertigo.

That’s why she created a YouTube video to show an incredible, dead-simple method you can do at home, right now, to end a bout of vertigo. It’s aptly been dubbed The Foster Method aka the half somersault.

This is how to end vertigo using her maneuver.

1. Start on your knees.
2. Tip your head straight up to look at the ceiling. Hold this position for a few seconds. Expect to feel a little dizzy when you do it.
3. Put your head on the floor, completely upside down. Tuck your chin a little bit so your head isn’t perfectly vertical. It’s actually tucked under slightly toward your knees.
4. With your head still in this position, turn your head toward your right or left elbow. Her video explains how to know which to turn your head toward.
5. You will feel like your head is spinning. Hold that position until all the spinning stops or until you count to 30. Watch her video about vertigo to see what to do next.

YouTubers comment after trying the Foster method.

Yes, this works!!!! I suffered for almost 2 weeks the first time; thought life as I knew it was over for me as well as everyone I take care of. Tried the other one where you fall backward, etc. It made it worse. Found this one and was cured in a half hour (I needed to repeat it). Next day a little dizzy, so did it again and no episodes for a couple years. Woke up this morning (after a cheese binge last night; fills my ears with fluid) dizzy. Did the Somersault and it was gone again!!

This exercise actually works – after suffering for a year – now cured.  Thank you so much Dr. Foster for publishing this video – made my life so much easier.

Dr Foster is an Angel! Thank you for this. It ABSOLUTELY works. I do it several times and it helps quickly. I now do it daily to keep vertigo away!

There is no guarantee this will cure your vertigo.

It works for lots and lots of people, but that doesn’t mean it works for everyone. Watch her video and do the maneuver as many times as you need to in order to be certain you’re doing it correctly.

I hope you’ll tell me in the comments whether this worked for you.

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8 comments on “Quickly Cure Your Vertigo Starting Right Now”

  1. I cannot get on my knees because my legs have been amputated. I was prescribed nasal spray to dry up excess middle ear fluid & I take Meclizine to ease vertigo

  2. I get vertigo after having anything that contains MSG (monosodium glutamate). Do you think the Foster Method would work for that? It is tiring to check every food ingredient and ask at restaurants what they use as a flavoring.

  3. Maureen Biedler

    Hi I watch your video and I’m going to doing this exercise, I’ve been suffering from Vertigo for many years, I hope this really does work cause this feeling is the worse, my niece think’s my sinus is what is making me dizzy so i’m going to start this tomorrow and I’ll keep you posted

  4. Adrian Collins

    Great article, thanks. I used to suffer from vertigo and dizziness and it caused me to fall and suffer serious injuries several times. Then I did these simple exercises and now I have perfect balance:

  5. How do you know which way to turn your head… right or left?  My husband’s vertigo happens when he is laying down and turns his head to the right. 

    1. sonja valentine

      if you google The Foster Method, it will tell you that if your veritgo is on the right then you turn your head towards the right elbow.

    2. I thought the same thing! I have the same problem. Mostly when I turn my head to the right. I just.started.this exercise today and I turn my head to the right and then to the left.

    3. Has he talked to his doctor yet? This method does not work for all types of vertigo or even all types of vertigo caused by crystals in the ears. If he does this it could end up making his vertigo worse. There are so many different things that trigger vertigo and there is not one easy fix. 

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