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Solar Panel Flowers to Heat Up Your Pool

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A pool during the summer is a definite must-have. However, no matter how hot it gets outside, jumping into a freezing pool is never fun. These solar panel flowers will heat up your pool for you so it becomes the perfect swimming temperature!

Solar Flowers for the Pool

courtesy of Amazon

Solar Panel Flowers

Now is the perfect time to clean and prepare your pool for the summer heat. While you don’t want your pool super hot, you don’t want it freezing either. That is why I think these solar panel flowers are a genius idea!

These flowers will use the heat coming off the sun to heat up your swimming pool. You don’t have to pay for a heating system, just get some of these flowers and you are all set to go!

Solar Flowers for the Pool

courtesy of Amazon

It won’t automatically turn your pool into a hot tub, but it will make the water much more bearable and comfortable to swim for a long time.

You can choose from a variety of colors as well! These flowers are not only cute but serve a great purpose to make your summer days so much more fun.

Once you place these flowers in your pool, they will fill up with water. So, they will stay in your pool, even on a windy day.

They are 22 inches in diameter and come in 3 colors, blue, rainbow, or black.

Solar Flowers for the Pool

courtesy of Amazon

Customer Reviews

Some customers are loving these flowers already.

One review said, “There is a noticeable difference where these have been floating. The big thing to keep in mind is their dimensions; my 9×18 ft pool will likely need 3 sets for full surface coverage.”

You can get these solar panel flowers to heat up your pool off of Amazon HERE.

They come to be around $150 for a pack of 12 flowers.

What a great idea! Now you can enjoy your pool without freezing yourself and getting right out during these next couple of summer months.

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