Go Camping with the Entire Family with This Star-Shaped Tent

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Do you love camping, but don’t love setting up multiple tents each time? This star-shaped tent can easily sleep 20 people, so you can bring the entire family with you and only set up a tent once!


This tent is called The Hazel Creek tent and is made by Ozark Trail.

Inside the tent, you will find four separate rooms. Each room can fit a queen-sized mattress. There are even doors that zip up and have a privacy curtain so you can have space and be separate from the rest of the family if you want.


There is also a shared space in the middle of the tent that will fit two queen mattresses inside it. This shared space is 7 feet tall, so most people will easily walk around and have plenty of space to move and walk around. You can also exit from the shared space as it has its own exit door and mud mat entrance. You won’t have to worry about bugs and grass getting inside where you sleep!

This is the perfect tent for large families or friends that want to go camping together!


You can find this tent at Walmart for $379.

Who is going to grab one and plan a fun camping trip? I want to!

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