Sugar Free Flag Jello Dessert for July 4th!

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Sugar Free Flag Jello Dessert for July 4th!

We made this simple Flag Jell-O Dessert using sugar free Jell-O and sugar free whipped cream spray. This would be great to make for people watching their weight or diabetics if you are having a 4th of July party. It’s so simple to make and this way everyone can dive into some fun treats for the holiday!

All you do is make sugar free strawberry jello for 8 servings (big box) and blueberry jello (small box) for 4 servings. We followed the package directions and poured into bowls to set. Scoop the jello out with a spoon into a 9×13 pan making stripes with the red and the blue in the top left corner. Spray on the sugar free whipped cream spray (we used Land o Lakes) in stripes between the red jello and spray on the top of the blue jello for stars.

It’s that easy and your dieting or diabetic friends will love you for it! You can also make this with regular jello and regular whipped cream spray..the kids will love it as well!

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  1. the actor's diet

    just discovered your blog and i'm in love! i don't even have kids but i love seeing all your fun creations!

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