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Taco Pickles are the Latest Hot Food Trend and You Have to Try Them 

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Who here is a huge taco lover? I know I am!

Have you ever heard about taco pickles? I recently learned about them and now I want them every Taco Tuesday! 

What are Taco Pickles? 

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To some, this may seem weird, especially if you don’t like pickles. However, for pickle lovers, this is simply genius. 

Taco pickles, or ‘tickles’ as some like to call them, are so simple and easy to make. Thankfully, it does not take much effort or ingredients at all! And I’m all for that! 

You will simply only need two main ingredients: pickles and taco seasoning. 

How to Make Taco Pickles 

Get a jar of your favorite pickles. Some have found that spears or slices work best as they can absorb more of the flavor since they are already cut. 

Then grab your favorite taco seasoning and pour it into your jar of pickles. You’ll want to pour in the entire bag of seasoning to get the best flavor ever. 

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Shake to mix everything and then let sit in your fridge. It is best to let sit for 24 hours. While it may be hard to wait that long, it is completely worth it and necessary! That way the pickles have plenty of time to absorb the delicious seasonings. 

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Once it is ready to eat, the hardest part is not eating the entire jar in one sitting! 

The seasoning and the pickles just really compliment each other. I never thought to do this before, but once I saw it, I knew it was just brilliant. 

Who wants to make some of these taco pickles? I cannot wait to try them! 

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