Avengers Party Ideas

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My middle son turned 9 this weekend and we had a Avengers birthday party for him! He has always loved the Marvel Superheroes / comic books and was so excited to see the new Avengers movie. I hope you enjoy these The Avengers Party Ideas!

Avengers easy party food food ideas

Avengers Party Food

We came up with super easy ideas that take just minutes to make. All of these ideas were last minute (most of them thought of the morning of the party), but we love how everything turned out and the kids also loved them!

The Avengers Birthday Party Sprinkle Cake

Avengers Cake

Starting out with the easiest Avengers cake ever using sprinkles! We created the logo on top of a round cake using sprinkles. You will want to make a 2 layer round cake topped with white frosting. Print out this logo on card stock paper (we sized ours to a 5×7 to fit on top of the cake).

Avengers Logo
  • Cut the logo out using scissors and place it on the cake.
  • Make sure to press it down well and then add red sprinkles on top. We added Wilton silver ball sprinkles on the outside (you can guy these at any craft store).
  • We also added red, white, and blue Sixlets around the bottom for some color.

Captain America Fruit Platter

The next creation that we made was this fun Captain America Fruit Platter.

Captain America Fruit Platter
  • Cut a hand full of strawberries into slices and line them around the outside of a plate.
  • Add fruit dip for the white (we cheated and used store bought). Then another line of strawberry slices.
  • Fill the middle with blueberries. Add some of the fruit dip in a baggie and snip off the corner with scissors. Pipe on a star in the middle.
Captain America Fruit Platter

Hulk Guacamole

We came up with this fun HULKamole. We bought a container of Wholly Guacamole and just decorated the top of it leaving it in the container…

hulk guacamole
  • Break blue chips to make the hair, eye brows, and mouth.
  • Make the teeth and eyes with sour cream by piping it from a baggie.
  • 1 black olive cut into pieces for the eye balls and made his nose using a toothpick.
Hulk Guacamole

Thor Hammer Treats

We created THOR Rice Krispie Treat Hammers using pre-made Rice Krispies Treats and pretzel dipping sticks. These are super easy and you can make a ton of them in minutes.

Thor hammer rice krispie treats
  • Press your pretzel dipping sticks into the Rice Krispie Treats.
  • Melt white candy coating/white chocolate in the microwave according to the package directions.
  • Mix in gray food coloring when the chocolate is completely melted. Dip the hammers into the gray chocolate and place them onto wax paper to set.
Thor hammer rice krispie treats

Iron Man Pizza

Our Iron Man Biscuit Pizzas are not only awesome for parties, but these are easy and fun to make any time for your super hero fans!

Iron man biscuit pizzas
  • Flatten out your biscuits using a roller or pulling with your fingers. Spread sauce on top and then layer pepperoni slices.
  • Cut a slice of cheddar cheese to fit on top in the shape of Iron Mans face.
  • Cut black olives into slices and make 2 lines on top. Bake according to the package directions or until cheese is completely melted.
  • Let the pizzas cool just a bit and then add 2 small pieces of white cheese on the top for the eyes.
Iron man biscuit pizzas

Captain America Marshmallow Pops

Marshmallow, pre-made icing, and a sprinkle is all you will need to make these fun Captain America Pops!

captain America marshmallow pops
  • You will need Betty Crocker red and blue cookie icing. Make a line of red around the edges of your marshmallow. Make another red circle leaving a white space in between.
  • Fill the red with the blue icing (you could also press a blue M&M in the middle if you do not have the blue icing.
  • Press a white star sprinkle in the center and let them set for a about 15 minutes. Press them onto lollipop sticks.
captain America marshmallow pops

Hulk Soda Pop

We came up with these fun HULK Sprite bottles.

Incredible Hulk Soda Pop

All you will need is individual Sprite bottles and a Sharpie. Peel off the label. Draw on a face similar to the one that we made using your Sharpie and that’s it! Now you have The HULK Soda Pop…

Thor Hammer Snacks

These THOR Hammer Snacks are made with cheese & pretzel sticks…

Thor Hammer Snacks

You can buy the cubed cheese in a package at the store and just press in pretzel sticks (broken in half). This is the easiest snack ever!

Thor Hammer Snacks

Iron Man Fruit Snack

Our Iron Man Fruit Snack is one of my personal favorites. We purchased a small watermelon and cut it into large slices. Place a watermelon slice on a plate. Then top it with pineapple chunks to look like Iron Man’s face. We used fruit leather to make the lines and cut white pieces of the watermelon to the eyes.

Iron Man Fruit Snack

Other Fun Party Ideas

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4 comments on “Avengers Party Ideas”

  1. Wonderful ideas and photos and explanation. Any tips regarding technique for putting the silver balls on so well. Thanks

  2. Fantastic food garnishing!! You made this avengers party more enjoyable. Attending my niece’s birthday party at the most famous party venues Houston TX was such a great fun. The venue was medium sized with amazing services. The interior was so beautiful over there.

  3. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    So many cool Avenger party food ideas! I can imagine how much fun the kids had eating all their treats.