The Slegoon

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Sledding is one of my favorite things to do during the colder months. Whether it be on a massive hill or a small one. As a kid, it had to be one of your favorite things to do as well. Although, when I was a kid I always had those little saucer sleds or thick plastic ones that didn’t have too much to them. So, if I fell off or rolled over. I had to stop and set myself up again to keep going or I just hurt myself and had to stop together. But, now with the many amazing new ideas that people are coming up with nowadays. I want one of these fully caged sleds with its own seat belt called The Slegoon.

The Slegoon facing different directions.
image via Slegoon

What Features Does The Slegoon Have?

This design is so innovative and futuristic looking. With its caged features that keep you not only comfortable but safe while sliding down any hill.

It has two handles on each side of the seat to help you steer as you go. It also is created with high-strength and lightweight materials. This makes it super simple to move around while sledding down a hill. The cage is the most crucial feature. As it keeps each rider enclosed with additional protection if you happen to hit something or fall over. The coolest thing about this sled is the fact that you will be able to continue going even if you happen to flip over. You will be able to continue enjoying your time without being hurt or having to start over again.

When Will This Be Available To Buy?

After all, I’ve told you, you may be ready to swipe your card and get ready to go sledding with any color combo of The Slegoon you desire. Unfortunately, this amazing sled is not prepared to use as it is just a design. It was created by a U.K. man named Spike Reid. He got first prize at the IOM3 Design Innovation in Plastics Competition in the U.K. in 2003. As for now, it remains just a concept. So we must wait until a manufacturer with a lot of money decides to build this amazing sled.

image via Slegoon

Even though it saddens me to see that it isn’t out just yet, it is a super incredible and unique design. Hopefully, we see it out for us to buy in the near future! This would provide a secure, exciting, and safe way to tackle any slope.

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