Couple Builds Tiny Backyard Bar During Lockdown

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We have all tried to find new and exciting things to do while being on lockdown. This couple is no different. This couple decided to build a tiny backyard bar while they have had to stay home during COVID-19.

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Backyard Bar

This husband and wife have their own furniture refurbishing company where they work called Octavia Chic. While being on lockdown, they decided to have some fun and create something together. This turned out to be their new favorite project.

They live in Wigan, Greater Manchester, UK,  and decided to build their own little English Pub for their backyard. It was much better than simply staying at home doing nothing. This backyard English Pub was named The Drunken Crab.

Amy Octavia Casey, the wife, shared about their project on Facebook and said that it was a very busy couple of weeks from them, but it was their absolute favorite project thus far. She said, “‘The Drunken Crab’ built, painted and interior designed for the Crabtree family who are loving having their own pub in the Garden.”

Their Design

They used a log cabin shed kit to create this bar. They laid the foundation, painted, and added shingles to the roof. Then, they stained the wood.

Not only did they create a bar, but they also made it look completely authentic too! It has lanterns and bushes outside along with a hanging sign and some beautiful flowers.

If you think the outside looks incredible, wait until you see the inside, it is simply magnificent! Even though it is quite small, the inside looks huge and fits everything you would typically see in a bar.

There is a fire extinguisher, wall art, coasters, and even a dartboard! Let’s not forget the fireplace as well!

They have both beer and liquor on the tap with plenty of wall space for some wine bottles as well. You can see beer mugs hanging from the ceiling in the bar area.

You can choose to sit at a corner bench, a table, or at the bar, they have it all.

This couple decided to get to work while staying at home all day long and created a tiny bar in their own backyard! Does this motivate you to do something unique and awesome during the lockdown as well?

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