Tiny Cotton Ball Bird on Japanese Island

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Everyone loves seeing tiny cute things, especially animals. People love to see miniature donkeys and fluffy cows, or dogs that stay puppy size forever. Well, we found another tiny animal you will love! A tiny little bird that looks like a cotton ball that lives on Japanese Island.

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Long-Tailed Tit

This tiny little bird is called a long-tailed tit. You can find them all over Europe and Asia. Their tails aren’t long perse, but compared to the rest of their body are considered long to them.

They are so small and white they look like cotton balls all over the trees and sky.

An adult long-tailed tit will only grow about 5-6 inches long. The majority of that length is the tail of course, so it is indeed a very tiny animal!


A special type of long-tailed tit lives in Hokkaido. Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan. It has 6 national parks along with 17 quasi-national and prefectural parks.

It is a home for many wildlife animals, some species that only can be found there.

The special species of the long-tailed tit living on Hokkaido have pure white faces. All other species have brown eyebrows, but these are completely white. This makes them look even more like cotton balls and are so adorable.

These birds are called the Shima-Enaga bird. When you translate it, it comes out to the long-tailed island.

Japanese people love these birds. They have tons of themed food and knick-knacks with the birds all over them. It makes sense because they are so cute.

This tiny bird that looks like a cotton ball living in the Japanese Island is so adorable it is hard not to look at it all day long! Can you imagine seeing them flying around your house one day? What a sight that would be.

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