You Can Have a Fluffy Miniature Cow As a Pet

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I’m sure many of you are super excited about this and I can assure you this is absolutely true. You can now get a fluffy miniature cow as a pet!

Most of the time you think of dogs and cats as pets; no one usually associates a cow as a typical pet. However, these are not your traditional big cows that need farms. You can now have a mini cow right at your home!

Fluffy Cow
photo – Annalise Leyda/Karel Gallas – Shutterstock

Miniature Cow Pet

Not only are they adorable, but they are gentle and kind as well. They are basically a bigger version of a dog. These mini cows are so fluffy they are the perfect pet to cuddle with and receive love from.

When you normally think of cows, you think of something that is big and hard to maintain. However, these mini cows are actually super easy to take care of. They are more social and will show affection to you when you want it.

The best part is that you don’t need to own a farm anymore to have a cow! These mini cows can be right at your home because they are smaller and easy to maintain.

You can get one of these mini cows for around $1,800 to $3,500, all dependent on what color, make, size, and all those factors.  Loveable Little Ones say they are exceptional pets that demonstrate a great deal of affection, are very social and are easy to take care of. You don’t need to have a barn since they are miniature!

Not Only a Pet

The great thing about mini cows is that they are not only a pet. You can use them to help teach your kids many great attributes. Like all animals and pets, they take work and maintenance to keep them alive and healthy.

You can teach your kids great responsibility with having a mini cow. They will learn to feed it regularly, clean it, and so on.

You will also be able to teach your children all about cows and the impact they have on our society. It is a great teaching moment about the agricultural aspect of life.

Some mini cows are also used to breed other cows along with having a small milk supply. You can teach your kids how to milk a cow and gain some milk along with it.

Fluffy Cow
image via Stoney_Croft/Instagram

If you are thinking about getting one of these incredibly cute animals, don’t stop at just one! Because these animals are very social, seriously consider getting a small herd of them to keep each other company. They are herd animals and like to be around each other.

A fluffy mini cow is a cute new pet to have, but that is not all. They are gentle, friendly, cuddly, and kind, a great addition to any family. These mini cows will open your heart and teach you many great tools along the way.

Fluffy Miniature Cow
image via MiniatureCow/Instagram

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