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Tiny Hedgehog With Camping Equipment

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Tiny animals are everyone’s favorite thing to see right now. Each comes with its own features that make it so adorable and worth watching over and over again. Here is a tiny hedgehog that goes camping with its camping equipment!

Hedgehog Camping

photo via @hedgehog_azuki

Tiny Adorable Hedgehog

This adorable hedgehog is called Azuki, a Japanese pygmy hedgehog. His cute little button nose, perky ears, and round body are what make him the most adorable hedgehog ever!

Not only is he known for his cuteness, but he is also all over Instagram now where he shows his day-to-day activities.

Camping Trip

Lately, there was a photoshoot of him going camping with all his tiny Coleman equipment. He went canoeing, cooked, and relaxed. The equipment fits him perfectly and is exactly like real human equipment.

He has the whole equipment package, barbeque, canoe, tent, and chair, exactly what you would normally bring on a camping trip.


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「one,two! one,two! I could do it well!!👍

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During his camping trip, he went out on the water and enjoyed some time on his canoe. He barbequed and enjoyed a nice meal. Then he spent the rest of the night relaxing and enjoying looking at the stars.


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I asked Coleman to help me build a tent. The inside of the tent is comfortable🤗 

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Other Adventures

Azuki goes on adventures all the time. You can follow along Azuki’s journeys by following his Instagram page. He even has a book after his life!

He has quite the hat collection and enjoys getting his picture taken in the fields of flowers. You may even see him with his friend hedgehog as well!


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「The camp was so much fun🏕 The stars are very beautiful last night✨

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Azuki is such an adorable tiny hedgehog it is hard not to spend hours looking at all his pictures and fun adventures he is having. The one that gets me the most will always be his camping trip.


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「Lunch in nature🌲 feels better than usual~. “Camp Food 🥘 ”is so good!!」 . 『

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Is there anything more adorable than a tiny hedgehog with camping equipment? It is definitely a hard one to beat!

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