Old Trailer Truck Transformed Into a Luxurious Tiny Home

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Tiny homes are becoming more and more popular and many love living a simple, minimalistic lifestyle. While it is not for everyone, there are plenty of amazing perks that make it worthwhile!

One of the best pros about having a tiny home is if you have one on wheels. There are plenty of school buses or trailers turned into homes so people can enjoy living at home all the while traveling whenever they want. Check out this Peterbilt trailer for example!

The 4 Ever Style

On the outside, it looks like nothing fancy, but wait until you see the inside. It is so luxurious, you’ll be wishing you had one!

Here you can see the living room. Doesn’t it look like royalty or like the inside of a famous hotel?

The 4 Ever Style

Just in the living room there are two flat screen TVs, gorgeous cabinets and countertops, air conditioning and so much more.

The bathroom has the same look and feel; it is so hard to believe that this is actually inside that trailer! It even has a full-size shower with a bench inside. Isn’t that just crazy?

The 4 Ever Style
The 4 Ever Style

I absolutely am in love with the master bedroom; I could live there forever, especially with the huge bed that looks absolutely comfy.

The 4 Ever Style

We don’t know how much it cost in total to transform the trailer into this luxury tiny home, but it must have cost a lot!

What do you think about tiny homes after seeing this one? Are you more open to the idea now?

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7 comments on “Old Trailer Truck Transformed Into a Luxurious Tiny Home”

  1. Definitely nice but . . . the inside doesn’t match the outside, I.e. windows, entrance, etc. Think this is two different RVs.

    1. I would love it for myself to travel between where my 2 sons live. I could live in it while visiting them. i wish I could afford something like this