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How To Unclog Your Sinuses In Just Minutes Using Your Hands

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If you’ve been wondering what you can do to naturally unclog your sinuses, this simple and all natural trick demonstrated by massage therapist Heather Wibbels will show you how to clear up clogged sinuses in a flash.

MLD, or manual lymphatic drainage massage, is a specialized massage type that gently assists the lymphatic system in maintaining the body’s fluid balance, blood circulation, and immune mechanisms. It was first discovered in the 1930s.

In her video, she shows viewers exactly how to do it, step by step.

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How To Unclog Your Sinuses In Minutes Using Your Hands

Lymphatic Drainage Massage to Unclog Your Sinuses

Using your fingers and palms, MLD uses light pressure to drain fluid down and out of the head. Wibbels says it’s easy to relieve the symptoms a stuffy nose. “It’s very soft and very slow,” she says.

As you follow her instructions, you’ll feel the drainage begin to flow and you may need to clear your throat a few times as everything begins to loosen up.

As I write this, I don’t have any problem with my sinuses. I wanted to try the lymphatic drainage massage anyway. Imagine my surprise when fluid starting dripping down my throat.

Holy cow, it works!

Sinus congestion can be caused by all sorts of things.

1. Rhinitis: Irritation and inflammation of the mucous membrane inside the nose.

2. Common Cold: Viral infection of nose and throat.

3. Flu: Remember F.A.C.T.S. – fever, aches, chills, tiredness, sudden onset.

4. Allergies: Allergies happen when your immune system overreacts to an allergen.

5. Sinus Infection: Inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses

MLD Contraindications

While it’s non-invasive and gentle, if you have any of the following, this kind of lymphatic massage probably isn’t right for you.

1. Acute congestive heart failure

2. Acute renal failure

3. Active blood clots

4. Active infection

5. Active bleeding

6. Undiagnosed cancer

Have you tried to unclog your sinuses using MLD?

I’m interested in hearing what your experience was. Did it work? Have you tried it on your kids?

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Worked great!!!! Will be using this often. Thank you for sharing with everyone ♡

Thank you Heather. The timing of your advice was perfect. I have been in the Australian bushfires and the constant smoke inhalation is dreadful – can’t escape it. And it’s affecting my sinuses badly. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge. I will taking advantage of it instead of having to take medication. Thank you very much ❤️

I have done something very similar to this. A technique taught to me for lymphatic drainage from have lymph nodes removed due to breast cancer that had spread to the lymph nodes.

This worked for me but I feel like I have to keep swallowing to get rid of thick drainage in my throat.


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