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You Can and Should Rent a Bouncy Castle for Your Wedding

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There are so many different wedding trends that come and go briefly. From Mason jars to farmhouse style and flash mobs, you name it. 

Recently there is a new trend that I hope stays for a long time. You can now rent a bouncy castle for your wedding! 

Wedding Bouncy

image via Bridal Bounce

Wedding Bouncy Castle 

Many party companies have caught the drift and now let you rent bouncy houses for your wedding. 

They even have a lot of fancy options too! 

You can get a simple white one or a tent-style bouncy house. 

Some can have decorations and lights even. 

These bouncy houses are bigger than the traditional ones so adults can bounce as well. 

Bouncy houses are a huge childhood favorite. If anyone had a bouncy house you always wanted to go jump in one. That’s why it’s such a good idea for a wedding too! 

Perfect for Weddings 

Not only are they just awesome in general, but bouncy houses are also the perfect addition to any wedding. 

They create amazing pictures. Instead of a traditional side-by-side picture with relatives and your spouse, just imagine the fun pictures you will have! 

Imagine your grandparents bouncing with nothing but pure genuine smiles on their faces. 

Or getting awesome jump shot pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen. 

Bouncy houses are also perfect for a wedding because they can keep the kids entertained as well. 

Instead of trying to keep the children quiet and busy during speeches or parts of the wedding that are slower, it can be their turn to have fun and get out their energy. 

Then, once the kids are asleep, and the guests have had a few drinks, it simply will make for the perfect fun evening. 

If you get a bouncy house it will be a wedding where everyone will talk about the rest of their lives. 

Check out your local wedding or party shops around you and see if you can get one for your wedding! 

Who wants and needs a bouncy house for their wedding? 

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