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You Can Now Buy Beautiful Black Succulents and I Want One

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We all love succulents, and what’s not to love? 

They are easy to take care of and incredibly beautiful. I recently just found some amazing black succulents that are simply stunning and now I want them all. 

Black Succulents 

These dark succulents are actually a very dark shade of jade green. But, extremely dark that they basically look black. 

These succulents are called Sinocrassula Yunnanensis or Chinese Jade and are actually very rare. It is extremely hard to find. 

It might be difficult to find at your local shops, but you should be able to find them online. 

Where to Find Them 

I’ve had the best luck finding them online on Etsy. 

So far, I found two Etsy shops that sell these dark succulents. 

You can find them on ETSY HERE!

You can also get them in seed or plant form. Make sure to verify before purchasing what form you are getting them in. 

How to Take Care of Succulents 

Most succulents are very easy to take care of and they all pretty much require the same thing. 

Succulents need to be left alone. They don’t need much sunlight or water. 

I typically find that watering every other week does the job for me. 

The same works for these dark succulents. They will keep your house beautiful without much effort. 

They make the perfect houseplant, especially for busy people like me. 

Who wants one or a bunch of these black succulents in their home? I know I do! 

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