4th of July Flag Lunch

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4th of July Flag Lunch

We made this super easy Flag Lunch using a Sandwich (with crusts removed), 1 Red Fruit Roll Up, 1 Pretzel Stick, 8 Blueberries, & 1 piece of Provolone Cheese (or any other white cheese).

Make any sandwich that the kids want. Cut off the crust. Pull off your fruit roll up and cut to the length of the sandwich. Lay the strips on top. Place the blueberries in the top left corner. Cut a strip of cheese with a knife and then cut in small squares. Place them on the blueberries with points at the top. Place the pretzel stick on the side and that is it!

This is a fun and easy lunch to celebrate 4th of July, Flag Day, or Memorial Day that the kids can help make themselves!

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