Back to School Bus Twinkies!

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Back to School Bus Twinkies!

Beep Beep…here comes the Twinkie Bus ready to get your kids excited for school! My boys go back on Monday and I will miss them so much! They are car riders, but we thought these Twinkie Buses would be fun to make for a back to school treat! These are SO easy to make!

Twinkie Bus

Hostess Twinkies
White & Chocolate Cookie Frosting (Betty Crocker)
4 Brown M&M’s
White & Red Sprinkles

We started off by cutting out a small corner from the Twinkie on the top right side using a knife. Keep the cut out piece. Cut a bit more off almost to the bottom. Then place the first cut out on top. We squeezed on white cookie frosting to make windows on the sides and front. We squeezed on chocolate cookie frosting to make a line going down the side and to attach the M&M’s (for wheels). We attached white sprinkles (headlights) and a red sprinkle on the side (stop sign) with the white cookie frosting. That’s it!

Back to School Bus Twinkies!

We think these turned out so cute and my boys just LOVED them!
The wheels on the Twinkie goes round and round….

Back to School Bus Twinkies!

Here is my oldest with his Twinkie Bus!

Back to School Bus Twinkies!

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29 comments on “Back to School Bus Twinkies!”

  1. Beth Jackson Klosterboer

    Our exchange student will ride a school bus for the first time in a few weeks and I just might make her one of these as a fun send off. It is such a clever use of a Twinkie, and ya know I love making snack cakes even more fun!

  2. So cute! I made my first "creative" packed school lunch this year. It was so fun, I may do school bus twinkies in my next one! Thanks for sharing.

    ~Jess @

  3. Kathy Penney

    Adorable! My 2 year old is obsessed w Skoo Buses! We must do this! Kathy Penney@ Pinner Takes All

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