Bake a Mini Tiered Cake with This Pan

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If you love baking, we have found just the right product for you. Now, not only can you bake a cake, you can bake a mini tiered cake with this adorable little pan!

Baking just got so much better. Now, instead of spending all your time watching others bake mini delicious creations on YouTube, you can make your own!

3 Tiered Mini Cake Pan

Mini Tiered Cake Pan

Amazon is selling these cute little pans to allow you to create your own mini tiered cakes! You can try out miniature baking by yourself now and see just how fun it is!

If they don’t turn out, simply eat your mistakes and try again! Host a cake decorating party with all your friends. Or, have a mini cake for each child at your kid’s birthday party to decorate on their own! What a fun party that would be. Plus, you don’t have to worry about your kids eating too much cake as they are so tiny.

There are so many different ideas to use these cakes for. From birthdays to bridal showers, even baby showers. You can’t go wrong with a cake pan like this.

Find more Tiered Cake Pan Options!

3 Tiered Mini Cakes

Additional Items

Not only will you get this pan, but it also comes with some other great items! You will also receive some recipes on how to make these cakes along with directions so they will always turn out just perfect!

Each pan will make four mini cakes. You can decorate them all the same or each one a different design. It is the perfect place to practice your design skills before you become a pro cake decorator.

Each pan costs $28.00.

Let your imagination run wild and start creating beautiful masterpieces with this mini tiered cake pan. Who knows, we may end up watching your creations come alive on YouTube soon!

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