The World Watches As Little Boy Uses Plastic Bottles To Catch His Own Fish

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For someone who grew up fishing, it is a relaxing experience to sit by a lake and wait for that tug of the line. So, you sit and wait, and get the pull. This is where the excitement begins! You reel it in, pull back slightly, keep reeling, and if you are lucky enough, you got a fish! Now, there are many different ways to catch fish besides a fishing pole, you got nets, fly fishing, and spearfishing. Noodling is also common where people will bait the fish with their own hand and catch it. We all know that fishing has been around for centuries. When it comes to fishing for food, you may think of it as more of a job for grown-ups. I personally fished for fun as a child but for this little boy, it’s different.

Little boy holding bowl.
Image via Pro Fish Hunter | YouTube

Watch This Little Boy Show Us An Easy New Way To Fish

While searching on the internet the world came across this youtube channel. Pro Fish Hunter is dedicated to all things fishing. An 8-minute video of a young boy went from a couple of views to millions in just a short time. He shows his favorite way to catch his fish. You may be surprised to see the tools he uses are things you can find right in your own home.

He uses these tools with expertise, confidence, and ease as he has surely done this plenty of times before. Even though he is just a little boy, he uses his fishing skills, a couple of sticks, and soda bottles. He catches fish in one of the easiest ways I’ve seen. If you look close enough, he uses some type of mug/dough putty to help him as well. This little boy shows us how to use this as bait using this putty. Instead of the normal earthworm or small fish, we are used to seeing when fishing.

Bowl of supplies.
Image via Pro Fish Hunter | YouTube

Sticks And Bottles May Catch My Fish, But This Kid Will Make You Learn Something

I’ve experienced where kids that act very mature for their age and this little gentleman knows exactly what he’s doing.

How Does This Little Boy Do It?

He begins by unspooling his fishing line from the soda bottles. He places them on top of each of the sticks to keep them secure. Then, you can watch as he uses patience and instinct to wait for the fish to come. As a child, when I got a hook, I would immediately try to reel it in. This little boy, however, waits for it to snag, and doesn’t touch them. Once a couple of hours have passed, he comes back. We see that the fishing lines are longer and the sticks that he uses have become slanted. This tells him and shows us that the fish have snagged themselves! He then pulls and reels the lines in to see what he has caught.

The World Sits Back In Amazement

After watching this incredible video, it floods with tons of viewers and commenters. All are amazed at how cool this little boy is and how incredible his skills are. I will for sure, show this method to my kids and try to learn something new. Im sure this is just one of the many things this little boy can do.

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