Cooling Blanket that Absorbs Your Heat

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Do you love the summer but can’t stand the heat at night? I know I cannot sleep if it is even remotely hot at night. Now, you can get a cooling blanket that absorbs your heat while you sleep to keep you cool at night!

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Cooling Blanket

I have to sleep with a blanket at night, which is inconvenient with the hot summer heat. That is why this is one of my favorite inventions ever! A blanket that will literally keep you cool at night, a win-win for me!

What makes this even better is that now you can save on using your air conditioner and keep this blanket around you all day long!

Most families there is always someone cold while the others are hot and vice versa. With this blanket, you don’t have to worry about that. Those who are hot can enjoy the cool with this blanket while others enjoy the cool in the house.

It is also great for cuddling when your spouse is hot but wants to enjoy some time together. Literally one of the best inventions in my book.

Cooling Blanket

How it Works

It is 100% cotton. This blanket will use the Japanese Q-Max 0.4 cooling fibers. This is how it will absorb your body heat keeping you nice and cool. It will also keep you dry!

On one side it is 100% cotton. The other side is 80% Mica Nylon and 20% PE Cool Fabris. You will use the cotton side on your body.

It is perfect for one person. It will fit either a twin-sized or full-sized bed.  This is perfect for traveling with and camping!

It is machine washable. You will just need a net laundry bag so it won’t get damaged in the wash or dryer.

Again, Amazon has the best products. You can get your cooling blanket that absorbs your heat today and relax during the summer heat.

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