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You Know You Need Cowboy Boot Crocs

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Unless you live under a rock, you have seen Crocs. And there seem to be only two thoughts on these shoes. You either love them, or hate them. There seems to be a style for everyone, including the newest ones, cowboy boot crocs!

Cowboy Boot Crocs
Credit: Busch Beer

You know that you can slide your Crocs in a moment’s notice but can you wear them riding horses and get protection from snake bites? Of course not, unless you are wearing these Cowboy Boot Crocs.

So where can you get your own cowboy boot crocs, well… you can’t. Not yet. These shoes were a prank from Busch Beer in 2021. But we are all hoping that Crocs jump on this idea. They would be foolish to not make them into a real product someday.

Credit: Busch Beer

In August 2021, Bush tweeted out this photo of Croc cowboy boots with the caption: “Tell us this isn’t genius”.

People on Twitter were all over this. Some people love the idea and some people obviously did not with one person replying “This is not genius”. They were less than a fan of these cowboy crocs.

Busch Beer Twitter

Busch is quick reminding Brian not to lie to themselves. With other fans jumping in showing their love and support of the croc boots idea.

Busch Beer Twitter

While Busch made this fun concept image of a product they would love to see on the market, there is no word from Crocs themselves whether we will see these Cowboy Boot Crocs on the market any time soon.

So what do you saw Crocs?

Cowboy Boot Crocs
Credit: Busch Beer

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