Crochet Nest Keeps Hornets Away for Years

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Do you have a problem with hornets? Tired of spraying those nasty chemicals around your house all the time? One woman has created a better option! She made a crochet nest that has kept the hornets away for years!

Crochet Nest

Sandy Davis was once just like you. She struggled with spraying toxic chemicals on her house to keep away those nasty hornets. The chemicals in those pesticides are harmful not only to us but to bees and other wildlife as well.

So, she decided to do some research and find a healthier alternative. She found out the hornets along with wasps are territorial and will not build a nest around another one close by.

This gave her an interesting idea. Sandy crocheted a nest that looks like a hornet’s nest to keep them away. She put it up outside her house and waited to see what would happen.

It has now been four years and she has not seen a single hornet since!

Harmful Chemicals

Many harmful chemicals are found in sprays all over the world, especially to humans. Many of the toxins will hurt your eyes and lungs. It may take time to see the results of these chemicals.

Even with many precautions, you may take place when you spray the chemicals, you can still get hurt from them.

Not only with humans, but wasps, hornets, and bees are seriously in danger with these sprays as well. They are meant to kill them, and they do a good job with that. Without bees and other wildlife, we cannot pollinate and help the earth.

Sandy never sprayed the hornets around her house due to these nasty chemicals. She researched until she found a solution that wouldn’t harm anyone or anything.

Her crocheted nest has kept the hornets aways for four years and counting! It doesn’t hurt anyone and is a brilliant idea.

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