How To Crochet Your Own Reusable Sweeper And Wet Mop Pads

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Cleaning your floor is never a fun or easy task. However, when Sweeper came out with their products, everyone loved them because they are lightweight and easy to use. Unfortunately, you have to constantly buy new disposable pads, which adds up and is not great for the environment. You can learn how to crochet your own reusable Sweeper and wet mop pads and save money and help the environment all at once!

Reusable Sweeper and Wet Mop Pads

Not only are these crochet reusable covers eco-friendly, but they also will help you save on a lot of money. Once they get dirty, simply throw them in the wash and they are as good as new! Eventually, when they start to people too old to use and work properly anymore, you can just crochet some more!

These reusable homemade Sweeper pads are super cost-efficient. Not only that, but they are also super easy to make! All it takes is basic crochet skills, so just about anyone can make these covers!

Crochet Sweeper Pads

via Shady Creek Farm

Etsy Crochet Pattern

You can find a bunch of different styles of patterns for these crochet covers on Etsy. Our favorite is the one by ShadyCreekFarmNC.

Crochet Sweeper Pads

via Shady Creek Farm

It will only cost you $3.00 to get the pattern, which is less than a package of disposable wipes. It will come as a PDF file, so you can get started on it as soon as you purchase it! You will also have access to a video that will show you exactly how to make the cover as well, so you will have all the resources you need to complete your Sweeper pads.

This pattern will fit a Sweeper head that is 10 inches by 4.5 inches. It would be best to measure your Sweeper just in case, so you know exactly what size to make your covers.

You Can Purchase Crochet Reusable Sweeper Pad Patterns!

Make sure to get cotton yarn, as it holds better through washing and using multiple times.

With this pattern, you can start making your own crochet reusable Sweeper and wet mop pads! Not only will they improve your cleaning, it will also make it a lot easier too!

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