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Curious George Party with LOTS of fun food ideas!

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My youngest turned 2 on Sunday and we had a full week of Curious George fun food! We had a simple party for him at home. I didn’t have big parties for my other 2 boys until they were 3 and I like to keep things equal (as much as I can). We invited 1 guest (his uncle Brian). The funny thing is …uncle Brian not eat any sugar. This left our neighbors with some George goodies!

He is the biggest Curious George fan so we wanted to give him a special George party. Since we didn’t have any guests other than my brother who lives here in Atlanta we just decorated with things I had laying around the house. It’s nothing fancy, but he loved it!

We made Curious George & Yellow Hat Cake Pops, Yellow Hat Twinkie Cakes, Popcorn, Bananas, & and George Smash Cake!

Here is my happy Birthday Boy!

This is our second attempt at making cake pops and we had fun making them. We always seem to come up with a different way of doing things compared to others, but it worked well for us and made things so easy!
(Directions for these below)

Curious George with his Banana Cake Pops….

Yellow Hat Cake Pops….

Yellow Hat Cakes…

Here is how we made the Yellow Hat Cakes…..

This is the easiest thing you will ever make! We purchased mini shortcakes at Kroger . We flipped those over with the bottoms facing up. We cut a Twinkie in half and placed them on top. We wrapped a berry fruit roll up around the bottom of the Twinkie. That’s it!
Curious George Smash Cake…

Here is how we made our George Smash Cake…

We made a large cupcake using part of cake mix. We used vanilla wafers for the ears. We spread chocolate frosting on the top of the face. We tinted white frosting with just a little bit of the chocolate frosting and spread that on shaping the face. We used edible eyes and chocolate cookie frosting to make the mouth/nose.

My sweet 2 year old about to blow out his candles….

Yummy…George is tasty!

My 3 boys with their George goodies…

Our 1 guest Uncle Brian and the Birthday Boy!

This boy just couldn’t wait to bite the head off of this George pop!

This is the face of pure joy! He has such a love for Curious George and we are so happy that we were able to share this fun George birthday party with him!

Happy Birthday little Levi…we love you!

This was our second attempt at making cake pops. They are fun to make and the kids love them!
To make Cake Pops all you do is bake a cake. Smash the cake up using a fork and mix with a can of chocolate frosting. It’s SO easy! We actually split a little off of our cake mix and made a large cupcake. I wanted my 2 year old to have his own little George smash cake. If you need step by step instructions then go to the queen of cake pops Bakerella for more detailed directions.

This is how we made the Yellow Hat Cake Pops…

Remember that this is our second attempt at making cake pops so we are not experts at this. However this seemed to work out well for us and we wanted to come up with a different and easy way to make these. We used a brownie pop silicone pan (you can get them at Michaels). I have had this pan forever and have used it once. Never made brownie pops, but wanted to find other uses for it. We started out by lining the holes with our yellow candy melts like this…

We let that dry and pressed our cake pop mixture in the holes up to the top like this….

We melted more of the yellow candy melts (use directions on the bag) and made circles on wax paper using our spoon. Let it dry for a few minutes and then poke a hole in the center before it’s completely dry like this…

You then want to remelt your candy melts just a bit. Pop out the hats from the pan. Spread more of the candy melts on bottom of the cake pops (where the cake mixture is showing) and cover. Push the lollipop sitck in the hole of your candy circles with the flat side facing up. Dip the tip of the stick in the candy melts (this helps the cake pop to hold better on the pop). Poke the stick through the bottom of the cake pop and p press the candy circles on the bottom. Place it back in the pan to let it dry.

We used black cookie frosting (Betty Crocker) to make our bands around the hat. However, it just didn’t work very well and looked a bit sloppy to us. We would recommend piping on dark chocolate or regular frosting. The cookie frosting just didn’t want to stick.

Here is how we made the Curious George Cake Pops…

We started out by taking our cake pop mixture and shaped 1 1/2 inch balls. Place them on waxed paper on a pan. We place them in the refrigerator while we made the faces. We made our faces by using caramels. We thought it would be easier this way and it was for us. All you do is put a caramel in the microwave for 4 seconds. Flatten it using your fingers. We cut our the first one using kitchen scissors and made sure if was the right size on the cake pop. We used that caramel cut out as a guide to cut out the rest. We did the same using the caramel scraps to make the ears and nose. We decorated the faces before putting them on the pops. We used chocolate cookie frosting to make the mouth. White cookie frosting to make the eyes & mini chocolate chips for the pupils. We used a red sprinkle to make a tongue on the cut out open mouth. They will look like this…

It will look like you are making E.T. pops, but will turn into a monkey face once you press them on!

Melt chocolate candy melts and dip the tip of your lollipop stick in the chocolate. Poke them in the cake pops. Then dip the cake pops in the chocolate. We poked holes in shoe boxes for them to stand up and dry. We then attached the faces and ears using a little bit of the melted chocolate. We wrapped brown pipes cleaners starting bottom of the head working down..then going back up to make the arms. We shaped a banana from lemon Tootsie rolls and placed them in the hands. You could also use Starburst.

Here are the other George fun food creations that we made this past week. Click on the links for directions…

Curious George & Yellow Hat Breakfast...

Curious George S’more Pops

Curious George Burger Dinner

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  1. Super duper cute!!! Love details on those cake pops… and love how you placed pipe cleaners for the body!! So creative:D

  2. I am so impressed you made all that adorable food! So cute and really looks like curious George!

  3. How cute!! Love your different way of doing the cake pop hats! (ET up next right??) happy #2 to your little guy!

  4. So cute! I love the picture with him leaning towards the birthday smash cake and candles – oooh the anticipation! ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Super clever and so cute! Your sons look like they definitely enjoyed the party!

  6. What a tremendous amount of work! You did a fantastic job!

  7. Really great party I love the details! If you have time please share it at Super Sweet Sunday @ I bet your little monkey loved it!

  8. LOVE your curious George Party! It is AMAZING! We had a Curious George party a while back and I made a yellow hat party ( but as you can see it wasn't nearly as amazing as yours!!! I am sharing this with my Facebook readers here:
    Thanks for linking up to TGIF! Have a great week,
    Beth =-)

  9. Dear Levi,
    Your mom is AWESOME. Period. Just remember after having this party the only monkey she wants to see are "no more monkeys jumping on the bed". hehe Happy Birthday!
    one of your mom's many many admirers

  10. So adorable! Your kids and the party ๐Ÿ™‚ Great job!

  11. Well done! My son's first birthday was Curious George, but all he got was an appliqued john-john and a cake with George on it – great job mom!!

  12. So fun! I've never seen that method you used for the hat cake pops, I'll have to give that a try. You did a great job, and that was still a lot of work even if it was just for one guest! Looks like Levi had a very happy birthday!

  13. Oh my goodness, I think this is the cutest themed party I've seen so far! I love love love Curious George, and when/if I have kids, they will be getting a party just like this one!

    I would love it if you would link up at Martha Mondays, open now through Wednesday night!


  14. I LOOOOOVE this!!! My eldest son is craaazy about all things monkey. You did such a great job with everything.

    I am not a big fan of just unoriginal store bought decorations, I love the handmade/homemade stuff. It just makes the party decor much more personal, and in my opinion, prettier.

    Great job!
    -Amanda @

  15. This is such a full collection of Curious George stuff! Well done for bringing it all together and thanks for sharing with us x

  16. Aww! Adorable party! Happy Birthday to him! His little monkey hat is really cute too

  17. Soooo cute – we love parties – and I LOVE this one!
    Congratulations on a great idea well executed!!
    Linda at

  18. SO cute-I still love Curious George and I'm 31!

  19. You've outdone yourself, Jill! Love your innovative techniques…so clever! Your little Levi must have been in Curious George heaven:)

  20. What a great party idea! Lots of fun stuff ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you for sharing at All My Bloggy Friends last week. I can't wait to see what you share this tomorrow!

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  22. Oh wow!! I LOVE those cake pops!! you are right lots of food ideas!! And I just featured it on Bird's Party Blog!! ;D
    Thank you again for linking up! XO

  23. Great ideas! I'm going to attempt to make the Yellow Hat cake Pops. In the picture it looks like you melted the yellow chocolate before you put it into the brownie pop pan. Was it melted? And then how long/temp did you bake the brownie mixture for? Thanks for your help.

  24. Great ideas! I'm going to try and make the Yellow Hat Pops. I just have a few questions about baking them. Did you melt the yellow chocolate before you put it into the brownie pop pan? In the picture it looks like it is. What recipe did you use to make the batter? Can I just use a regular brownie recipe? How long did you bake it for? Thanks for your help! I hope they turn out well.

  25. Hi Nadia! Click on the Bakerella link above in the post on how to make the cake pop mixture. You just bake a boxed cake mix and mix frosting in it. Melt the yellow candy melts and paint the inside of the molds. Let it dry then add the mixture.

  26. These are all wonderful ideas!!! It has helped me out a lot for my sons first birthday!! Thank you!

  27. I love your party!! Especially the yellow hat cakes. I have a question did you put any kind of frosting to stick the twinkie to the shortcake? Thanks! I pinned all of the pictures!