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Daycare Note to Parents

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This daycare note to parents has told them that they need to get off the phone when picking their children up by posting a very blunt message on the door of the daycare center.

Here is what the sign on the front of the door says:

“You are picking up your child! Get off your phone!
Your child is happy to see you, are you happy to see your child?
We have seen children trying to hand their parents their work they completed and the parent is on the phone. We have heard a child say, “Mommy, mommy, mommy” and the parent is paying more attention to their phone than their own child. It is appalling!
Get Off Your Phone!!”

Get off your Phone Note to Parents

Juliana Farris Mazurkewicz saw the message posted on the door of her child’s daycare and post a picture of it on Facebook.

Some parents are outraged by this message and some completely agree with this. I’m sure Juliana didn’t realize how viral her post would be, but this definitely hits a nerve with a lot of parents on both sides.

Here is Juliana’s original post…

What are your thoughts about this? Do you agree with what this daycare owner posted on the daycare door? We would love to see your opinion on this and let everyone know what you think!

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I think it’s great! I teach Kindergarten and have had some of my students tell me that ‘Mom is always on the phone…’ I have had things I needed to tell parents when they picked up their child from school, and they were on the phone so I had to wait until they got off. As a teacher, it is very frustrating to be standing there, wasting my time because they can’t just tell someone they’ll call them back in 10 minutes so they can pick up their child. I have other parents I need to talk to sometimes too, and when this happens, generally I end up missing some because they pick up their child and leave, not knowing I needed to talk to them.

Agree wholeheartedly!

I’m in between. The reason for this is yes get off your phone and let your child’s see that you are happy to see them and as far as school work or art projects those are things I personally have my kids wait to give me some that we can sit and talk about what they’ve done during the day; but then again what if that phone call is an important call and it just so happens to be the only time you have for this call maybe its a time sensitive thing you have to do on your phone since our phones aren’t just phones anymore. I mean people have different reasons.

I sooo agree, nothing in the world more precious than that excited to see ya face on your baby’s face. Let them share that experience with you, get excited with them even. It will help keep them wanting to go back.

I agree, often i find myself sitting in the play room watching tv or on my phone while my kids play and so now i get down and play with them

With 4 grand children that are teachers,I agree fully and would support a ban on phones on parents that are picking up children

It is a sad world we live in that it was necessary for the daycare to have to post the sign.  I completely agree with it.  These parents don’t realize it while their children are in daycare but they will when their kids have phones and don’t pay attention to them and worse when they are elderly and their grown children ignore them and don’t have the time for them.  Children learn behavior from their parents.


I think that this is wonderful. Too many people have attached so much importance to the phone. They ignore not only their children, but they can’t have a conversation with another human, without glancing at their phone. I was out to dinner with a group of 8 and one woman had her phone out and kept looking at it. I nicely said to her “we enjoy being with you and talking, so why not turn off your phone and enjoy us” She was extremely annoyed and let me know it.

I agree with the Daycare sign

I think this note needs to also be posted at restaurants! I’ve seen children completely ignored the entire meal while their parent/s are on their phones…take time to be a parent!

The parents who are OUTRAGED are feeling guilty because it hit a nerve and it more than likely applies to them.

I think this Is a very smart thing. I applaud the person who did this… It is apalling to see parents on their phone and not paying attention to the children! I am definitely for it for it!

I am all for it it’s sick to see parents at restaurants and grocery stores on their phones. Completely ignoring their children.

I agree with it.. If it’s not a 911 emergency then give your child the attention they want. It’s only a few minutes of your time while picking up your child. You could let your fingers rest and put your child ahead of that stupid phone. It’s showing your child that your Facebook is more important then they are when it’s there time for a half HR of the day and there excited to show you there work or tell you about your day.

Mom of 6

This is amazing! I feel the exact same about being anywhere with your family. Family time is family time. Children grow so fast and parents are going to look up from their phone one day and wonder when their child got so big, why their child won’t hug them anymore, and will regret the time they could have spent with them when at that age, that is all they wanted. We have all become so disconnected with human relationships and are raising little people to become the same. Turn the phone off at the park and use the children as an excuse to be silly and okay. Turn it off at the restaurant so you can enjoy that time looking at your kids experience new foods. Just put it down and enjoy what you have right in front of you

Completely agree.

If you love your child you will read this note and assess to what extent it applies to you because it is a real problem. I read it and realized I am guilty of this behavior that I know is wrong but is also easy to get caught up in. If it doesn’t apply to you, good job! Carry on!

Yes that was the right way to tell the parents 

It takes 10 mins to pick up your child give them full attention. Enjoy their excitement. Then once you do, and you are all home that kid will have had a nice time with you and move on to other things. Then you can be on the phone. Give your kid the time then phone.


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