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Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

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We created these Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops today & they turned out so cute!  These will take you just minutes to make & my boys had fun making these all by themselves!

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops for Kids

These would be a fun to make for a after school treat for the kids or it’s also a great idea for class parties at school. You could knock out a ton of these in just minutes!

Easy Penguin Marshmallow Pops

Jumbo Marshmallows
Chocolate Cookie Icing
Jumbo Chocolate Chips
Candy Eyes
Orange Sprinkles
Decorative Straws

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

Here are some items you can purchase to make these fun pops (affiliate link)…

Squeeze the chocolate icing around the front edges of the marshmallow like this…

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

Make sure the sides are covered with the chocolate icing. Then add the candy eyes using a little bit of the icing using a toothpick….

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

Add on the oranges sprinkles for the beak & feet attaching with a little bit of the icing. Press on 2 jumbo chocolate chips on the sides of the marshmallow…

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

Let your penguin pops dry for about 20-30 minutes. Press them on decorative straws & that’s it!!


Here is a close up…


My 5 year old just loved this fun Marshmallow Penguin Pop!


Your kids will have so much fun making these cute & easy treats!

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

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These are so cute, and it’s great that they are so easy to make.


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