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Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

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We created these Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops today & they turned out so cute!  These will take you just minutes to make & my boys had fun making these all by themselves!

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops for Kids

These would be a fun to make for a after school treat for the kids or it’s also a great idea for class parties at school. You could knock out a ton of these in just minutes!

Easy Penguin Marshmallow Pops

Jumbo Marshmallows
Chocolate Cookie Icing
Jumbo Chocolate Chips
Candy Eyes
Orange Sprinkles
Decorative Straws

DSC_0332 (800x573)

Here are some items you can purchase to make these fun pops (affiliate link)…

Squeeze the chocolate icing around the front edges of the marshmallow like this…

DSC_0344 (800x536)

Make sure the sides are covered with the chocolate icing. Then add the candy eyes using a little bit of the icing using a toothpick….

DSC_0345 (800x536)

Add on the oranges sprinkles for the beak & feet attaching with a little bit of the icing. Press on 2 jumbo chocolate chips on the sides of the marshmallow…

DSC_0350 (800x536)

Let your penguin pops dry for about 20-30 minutes. Press them on decorative straws & that’s it!!


Here is a close up…


My 5 year old just loved this fun Marshmallow Penguin Pop!


Your kids will have so much fun making these cute & easy treats!

Easy Marshmallow Penguin Pops

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  1. These are so cute, and it’s great that they are so easy to make.