Firefighter Survival Kit

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My husband is a Fire Fighter and got the cutest bag filled with goodies. The guys at the station absolutely loved it! They have a hard job with long hours and little things like this can really brighten up their day.

We created a Printable for you (below) to add to a paper bag and fill it with the goodies for the firemen. It’s such a nice way to show appreciation and the kids will love making this and dropping it off at the Fire station.

Survival Kit for Fire Fighters

This is the bag that my husband received…

Survival Kit for Fire Fighters

so cute….

Survival Kit for Fire Fighters

Here is the Fire Fighter Survival Kit Printable and you can print it HERE

Survival Kit for Fire Fighters


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12 comments on “Firefighter Survival Kit”

  1. My Small Town Firefighters have saved my life twice, while keeping me calm and assured me I was doing great and continuously saying we’re almost there, we’re almost there, at the Hospital, even holding my hand to assure me they were with me, I love this Idea! Thank you so much!

  2. Avatar photo
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    Well, it’s a nice one, I have been looking for. Thanks for sharing such informative stuff.

  3. Thank you for sharing!  My Girl Scout troop meets at the firehouse in town and I plan on making this for the girls to drop off as a thank you.  It is adorable.

  4. I love this. Thank you for sharimg. The firefighters visit our school every year and this would be an awesome little token of appreciation.
    I plan on doing this in the Fall!

  5. This is absolutely adorable! Thanks to all the firefighters for their service. I pray for their safety.