Float-A-Poo Dog Uses Helium To Float Away Dog Poo Forever

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Having a dog is like having a best friend for life and is so much fun, except for when it is time to clean up after them. Disposing of your dog’s poop is never fun, until now! The Float-A-Poo is the perfect solution to your problem!


The Float-A-Poo is a dog waste disposal system that uses a normal dog poop bag and a helium canister to quite literally float your dog’s poop away in the sky, so you never see it again.

Watching the poop slowly float away with your dog can be the perfect bonding moment for you!


The helium canister fits conveniently onto your keyring so you can easily take your dog for a walk and dispose of their waste quickly and efficiently.

If you are going to use this product, be sure to keep it away from airports, powerlines, windmills, and all birds.


You’ll receive one helium canister which is enough for around 4-6 poop bags, depending on how little or large the waste is at the time. There are also 1600 dog poop bags and 1600 zip ties included as well.

If you think this is a serious gift, relax, it’s not.

This is a prank gift box. You put the actual gift inside and watch their reaction as they open their “Float-A-Poo” gift from you.


You can grab your own Float-A-Poo gift box for just $8.00 from Pranko.

Who needs to get one of these for their friend or family member?

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3 comments on “Float-A-Poo Dog Uses Helium To Float Away Dog Poo Forever”

  1. mike neighbor

    How gross! You might as well leave it where the dog dropped it. Eventually it becomes another person’s problem.