BBQ On Land & Sea With This Float ‘n’ Grill

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All the best inventions begin with someone coming up with an amazing idea by accident. In 2016, two friends enjoyed their day on a small-sized boat, in the water, and of course, eating a simple and delicious meal. One day turned these ordinary friends into entrepreneurs in an instant. They wanted something that was gonna change their way of enjoying a meal while also being out in the water. They needed something that was going to be able to grill their food without flipping it in the water. And, just like that, Eureka! The Float ‘n’ Grill was born.

Two guys by the Float 'n' Grill.
Float N Grill

Swimming With The Sharks

In hopes to get an investor on their amazing idea. These two friends took to the hit reality show Shark Tank. After pitching their idea, they would continue to build popularity and their incredible portable floating grill would become mainstream.

Someone grilling with the Float 'n' Grill

What Is The Float ‘n’ Grill Exactly?

This amazing product will allow those who spend time in lakes, oceans, rivers, hot tubs, and swimming pools. Instead of having to get out of the water and step away from the fun. You can grill right on the water.

Float ‘n’ Grill Features:

It is a simple propane powdered grill that floats on water! These are some of the cool features that this amazing grill has:

  • It has a built-in igniter that allows it to light without the use of a matchbox or lighter.
Red button for the ignite on the  Float 'n' Grill.
  • This portable grill weighs only 21 pounds which makes it super simple to transport where ever you need it.
  • It base of the grill measures 35 x 29 x 9-inches.
  • If you have drinks, there’s no need to worry because this grill has 2 built-in cup holders as well as a removable grease trap that can be easily cleaned.
Float 'n 'Grill
  • It is made out of HDPE food-grade plastic which makes it resistant to rust and fading because of the UV protection. This plastic is also very good when cooking food and is environmentally friendly
  • Don’t worry about any large waves, this grill is tested to ensure that it does not flip in the water!
  • Get this grill in two colors: Red & Blue!
Float 'n' Grill in red.

How To Use The Float ‘n’ Grill?

A great thing about this grill is that the base can be easily detached for better storage and to be cleaned. There are two tow hooks on the grill to secure it to a boat, dock, or any area where it can be tied to. There is a dual locking lid that provides extra protection and also comes with a handle to hold better while transporting. Once you have the grill set up and tied off, you just attach the propane tank and press the big red button. Bet, you don’t hear that very often!

For more information on how to use the grill or assemble it, it comes with further instructions to help you out. Now, this grill doesn’t come with a propane tank but this can easily be found with a quick search.

Why You Should Get This Amazing Grill?

This grill takes away the time of having to search for a spot to BBQ during the summer and allows you to take yourself or your party away from everyone and enjoy some time alone and uninterrupted. Besides the grace of being able to steer away from too many people. This grill was endorsed by Shark Tank and that sure does say something about the product.

Find the Float “N” Grill on Amazon HERE.

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