Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

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My oldest turned 10 today…I can’t believe he has hit the double digits! Time flies by way too fast. A part of me is sad to see him get so big, but it’s also so awesome to watch him grow into the amazing kid he has become. He is the most creative kid I know & such a joy to our family!

He wanted to bring in cupcakes to his class to celebrate today. We of course couldn’t just make regular cupcakes so we came up with these fun Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Cones. I think these are such a great size for a treat for the kids & he reported that his class absolutely loved these!

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

The boys in his class got Frank & the girls got His Bride. They were easy to make & this is a great edible Halloween treat that the kids can help make themselves! You can also switch up the candies to decorate with. Just use what you have on hand & get creative!

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

  • I Box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix
  •  1/2 Can of Vanilla Frosting
  • Mini Cupcake Cones
  • Mallow Bits
  • Black Edible Marker
  • Chocolate
  • White Cookie Icing
  •  Assorted Candy

    Start out by baking the cake mix according to directions. Then let it cool down. Break it up into crumbs in a large bowl using a fork. Then mix in half of the canned vanilla frosting until fully combined.

Cake Mix

Scoop out the mix into the mini cones. Use you fingers to press down & shape. We added a extra scoop for the Brides hair….

Cakes in Mini Cones

Then dip the cones into the melted chocolate Candiquik…

Then dip the cones into the melted chocolate Candiquik

Let that set. We used a toothpick & dipped it in the chocolate to make the eyebrows & mouth on Frank. We also made made the triangles on the bottom of his hair using the toothpick dipped in chocolate.

We created the mini edible eyes by cutting Mallow Bits in half & pressing a black edible marker in the middle. We came up with this a long time ago & have used this on so many of our creations. It’s super simple & you can make a ton of them in minutes! Also saves you money on buying the packaged edible candy eyes….

Marshmallow Eyes

Attach the eyes, & sprinkles on using the pre-made white cookie icing. We attached on green Mini M&M’s for Frank’s electrodes. We also used the white frosting on The Brides hair…

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

Here is my birthday boy with his Mini Frankenstein Cones! He is such a big part of this blog & has such a creative mind.

Happy Birthday to my big 10 year old…we all love you so much!:)

Frankenstein & His Bride Mini Cake Pop Cones

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