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Funny Bunny Pears

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Funny Bunny Pears
We came up with these cute Funny Bunny Pears and they were so fun to make! For 1 bunny we used 1 pear, 3 jelly beans, and 2 marshmallows.

We cut the pear in half. Scoop out the seeds (the cheeks will cover up the hole). We used the other half to make the ears, cheeks, and whiskers. Put on the jelly beans for eyes and nose. Add the mini marshmallows for the teeth. The first time my 4 year old ate and actually loved a pear! Very easy and quick! A great after school snack!

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Jill you are so creative. This bunny is just adorable and fun to eat, I am sure. I would love to post a few of your Easter pictures, with a link to your site on my blog – Just let me know if that is alright with you.


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